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4 contract, concession, lease, permit, license, right of way, or other privilege from the United States or under its authority, or not, and shall be deemed to be for the benefit of and be available to the States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, and the users of water thereunder, by way of defense or otherwise, in any litigation respecting the waters of the Colorado River. Sec. 9. That all lands of the United States found by the Secretary of the Interior to be practicable of irrigation and reclamation by the irrigation works authorized by the terms of this act shall be withdrawn from public entry. Thereafter when such works shall have been so far constructed as to permit the delivery of water to any portion of said withdrawn lands, which the Secretary of the Interior shall deem proper to open for entry, such portion of said lands shall be opened to entry in tracts varying in size but not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, as may be determined by the Secretary of the Interior, in accordance with the provisions of the reclamation law, and any such entryman shall pay the proportionate share, as determined by the said Secretary, or the construction cost of the canal or canals and appurtenant structures constructed for the irrigation and reclamation of said lands, as provided for by this act, such construction cost to be paid in such installments and at such times as may be specified by the Secretary of the Interior, in accordance with the provisions of the said reclamation law; Provided, That all persons who have served in the United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps during the war with Germany, the war with Spain, or in the suppression of the insurrection of the Philippines, and who have been honorably separated or discharged therefrom or placed in the Regular Army or Navy Reserve, shall have the exclusive preference right for a period of three months to enter said lands; and also, so far as practicable, preference shall be given to said persons in all construction work authorized by this act: Provided, That in the event such an entry shall be relinquished at any time prior to actual residence upon the land by the entryman for not less than one year, lands so relinquished shall not be subject to entry for a period of sixty days after the filing and notation of the relinquishment in the local land office, and after the expiration of said sixty-day period such lands shall be open to entry, subject to the preference in this section provided. Sec. 10. That for the purpose of constructing said dam and incidental works, canals, and appurtenant structures and acquiring lands and rights of way therefor there is hereby authorized to be appropriated from any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated such amounts as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this act, not exceeding in the aggregate the sum of $70,000,000, to be appropriated from time to time, upon estimates made by the Secretary of the Interior, and transferred to a subfund of the reclamation fund established under said reclamation law and to be designated "Boulder Dam project fund." All moneys received from the allocation of power rights or privileges at said dam or moneys received under contracts respecting the construction of canals and not used for construction purposes shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States. Moneys thus received during the course of construction are hereby reappropriated for said construction purposes for which said moneys were received, and moneys received on account of expenses of operation are hereby reappropriated for such purposes. Sec. 11. That nothing in this act shall be construed as modifying in any manner the existing contract, dated October 23, 1918, between the United States and Imperial irrigation district, providing for a connection with Laguna Dam; but the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to modify the said contract, with the consent of the said district, or: to enter into a new contract or contracts with the said district or any private corporation or any corporation subsidiary to said district, in order to provide for the construction, in accordance with the terms of this act, of a canal, or canals, and appurtenant structures, adequate to serve the lands of said district, and other lands that may be served thereby, and to equitably allocate the costs thereof. Sec. 12. "Political subdivision" or " political subdivisions" as used herein shall be understood to include any State, irrigation, or other district, municipality, or other governmental organization. "Net investment" as used herein shall be understood to mean " net investment" as defined by the Federal water power act, plus such portions of annual or other payments as shall be used by the Secretary of the Interior for construction purposes or to amortize the cost of said dam, lands, rights

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