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10and I am agreeable to the chairman's suggestion and ask that the testimony and consideration be directed toward this "committee print." The Chairman. Don't you suggest that the "committee print" also be inserted in the record? Mr. Swing. I think it would be a good suggestion. Possibly you can reserve that decision until a little later, but it is agreeable to me. The Chairman. Is it the wish of the committee that this bill be read before we proceed? Mr. Hayden. I think we ought to know what we are talking about. Mr. Leatherwood. May I make an observation, Mr. Chairman? I think it was at our former meeting the matter was discussed and certain observations made, particularly by gentlemen of the committee who represented cities or districts in one or the other of the basins of the river. At that time I understood there was no objection to proceeding with the hearing of any witnesses who might want to get away immediately or whose business was such that it would be advisable to hear them. I am only voicing my own personal views. This legislation involves some very intricate questions with reference to the allocation of the water of the river and a number of other very important features. Personally, I should like to have an opportunity to make a careful study of the bill so that as to those points that I am not clear about I may be in a position to ask at least intelligent questions of gentlemen who may appear here prepared to give all of the details of the matter. Before any witnesses are called to testify as to what I might term the technical phases of the bill, I think each member of the committee ought to have an opportunity to carefully study this bill. Mr. Swing. That is agreeable. Mr. LEATHERWOOD. It is difficult to ask questions that you want to ask until members of the committee thoroughly understand the nature of the bill. I only make that observation as one member of the committee. As I said the other day, I have no objection to proceeding at this time and hearing any witness who feels that he must be heard early in the matter. The Chairman. I do not think it was understood that we would complete the hearings to-day; but that we would have a formal statement from Doctor Mead and then determine what the procedure should be after he had made a general statement. Mr. Leatherwood. I suppose the doctor, being a very good-natured gentleman, would return here at any time for us to get further information. The Chairman. I have no doubt he is always willing to respond to the wishes of the committee. Then I will read the tentative print of the bill. (The committee print of the bill is as follows:) A BILL To provide for the protection and development of the lower Colorado River Basin Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, for the purpose of regulating the lower Colorado River, controlling the floods therein and equating and stabilizing the flow thereof, providing storage of the waters thereof for reclamation of public lands and other beneficial uses within the United

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