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12 after completion of the works, and provide for the amortization of said bonds within fifty years. Contracts respecting water for domestic uses may be for permanent service but subject to rights of prior appropriators.After the amortization of said bonds charges shall be on such basis as may hereafter be prescribed by the Congress.General and uniform regulations shall be prescribed by the said Secretary for the awarding of contracts for the sale and delivery of electrical energy, and for renewals under subdivision (b) of this section, and in making such contracts the following shall govern:(a) No contract for electrical energy shall be of longer duration than fifty years from the date at which such energy is ready for delivery.(b) The holder of any contract for electrical energy, not in default thereunder, shall be entitled to a renewal thereof upon such terms and conditions as may be authorized or required under the then existing laws and regulations. unless the property of such holder dependent for its usefulness on a continuation of the contract be purchased or acquired and such holder be compensated for damages to its property, used and useful in the transmission and distribution of such electrical energy and not taken, resulting from the termination of the supply.(c) Contracts for the sale and delivery of electrical energy shall be made with responsible applicants therefor who will pay the price fixed by the said Secretary with a view to meeting the revenue requirements of the project as herein provided for. In case of conflicting applications, if any, such conflicts shall be resolved by the said Secretary, after hearing, with due regard to the public interest, and in conformity with the policy expressed in section 7 of the "Federal water power act" as to conflicting applications for permits and license: Provided, however, That no application of a political subdivision for an allocation of electrical energy shall be denied or another application in conflict therewith be granted on the ground that the bond issue of such political subdivision, necessary to enable the applicant to utilize the electrical energy applied for, has not been authorized or marketed, until after a reasonable opportunity has been given to such applicant to have such bond issue authorized and marketed.(d) Any agency receiving a contract for electrical energy equivalent to one hundred thousand firm horsepower, or more, may, when deemed feasible by the said Secretary, from engineering and economic consideration and under general regulations prescribed by him, be required to permit other similar agencies having contracts hereunder for less than the equivalent of twenty-five thousand firm horsepower to participate in the benefits and use of any main transmission line constructed by the former for carrying such energy, upon payment by such other agencies of a reasonable share of the cost of construction, operation, and maintenance thereof.The use is hereby authorized of such public and reserved lands of the United States as the said Secretary shall determine to be necessary or convenient for the construction, operation, and maintenance of main transmission lines to transmit said electrical energy.SEC. 6. That the dam and reservoir provided for by section 1 hereof shall be used: First, for river regulation and flood control; second, for irrigation and domestic uses; and, third, for power. The title to said dam, reservoir, plant, and incidental works shall forever remain in the United States and the United States shall always control, manage, and operate the same: Provided, however, That the said Secretary may, in his discretion, enter into contracts of lease of a unit or units of said plant, with right to generate electrical energy, or, alternatively, to enter into contracts of lease for the use of water for the generation of electrical energy, in either of which events the provisions of section 5 of this act relating to revenue, term, renewals, determination of conflicting applications, and joint use of transmission lines under contracts for the sale of electrical energy, shall apply.SEC. 7. That the said Secretary may, in his discretion, when said bonds shall have been amortized, transfer the title to said canal and appurtenance structures to the districts or other agencies in the United States having a beneficial interest therein in proportion to their respective capital investments. The said districts or other agencies shall have the privilege at any time of utilizing such power possibilities as may exist upon said canal, in proportion to their respective contributions or obligations toward the capital cost of said canal and appurtenant structures from and including the diversion works to the point where each respective power plant may be located. The net proceeds

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