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29 on this matter. My reason for favoring building the power plant by the Government is that the situation there demands unity in dam and power house. They are in a narrow canyon with a greatly restricted area on which to build at all, and we must either let the Government build the power house or allocate it to some one organization.Now, I will get to your question. You asked me about power plants on the canal. The only canal, of course, that we are considering is the All-American canal.Mr. WHITTINGTON. Will you indicate that on the map, please? We are not familiar with it. What is the length of the Imperial Valley?Doctor MEAD. Mr. Congressman, if you would start at Laguna Dam with that red line of the map, and follow it down-----Mr. WHITTINGTON. What is the length of your valley north and south of the river, where the river is leveed in now?Mr. SWING. I will show it to you on the map [indicating].Mr. WHITTINGTON. It is leveed in the United States for what distance? This danger from overflow is what distance?Mr. SWING. The levees begin for the Yuma project at the Laguna Dam and run down to Yuma on the California side, and on the Arizona side it runs all the way down to the Mexican border.Mr. WHITTINGTON. Those are marked in brown?Doctor MEAD. That is only part of it. That runs up the river about 20 miles to the mouth of Gila and then it starts and runs west on a different course, so that the river is the boundary part of the way there between the two countries.Mr. ARENTZ. I think we would be interested also in knowing where the below sea level point is.Mr. WHITTINGTON. Surely.Mr. ARENTZ. That indicates the necessity for this dam, to prevent devastation.Doctor MEAD. If you will take the boundary where the river crosses it, that is 100 feet above sea level. If you will go west out the boundary about there [indicating] that is sea level; that is, 25 miles west of the river is sea level or 100 feet below the river. If you travel down the river to sea level, at the Gulf of California, you go four times as far. The grade is four times as steep going west from the river as it is going south with the river. That is one constant menace to protect that area. Then, as you go down toward the bottom of the Salton Sea, which is more than 300 feet below sea level, you pass homes of people who live in that valley, which are 200 feet below the river and 100 feet below sea level.Now, to come back to our power plant; starting at Laguna Dam it is possible to have at the dam considerable power development there that has never been carried out--that is under consideration.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. YOU get a drop of 150 feet?Doctor MEAD. No; about 18 feet. Now, if you carry that canal down on grade that you use until you get to the State boundary, you could drop water out of that red canal down into the existing blue canal and have a drop of 30 or 32 feet there; and suppose you carry the whole of the water for the Imperial Valley to that point and drop it into the existing canal, you have an opportunity there for the generation of a large amount of power.

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