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31 no reason for having any trouble about it, but there is a loop comes up there to go through the low places in, the drifting sand that would have to be covered.Mr. WHITTINGTON. What would be the length and size of that, approximately?Doctor MEAD. I do not carry the dimensions. It has been several years since I looked at the figures.Mr. HILL. For that second power development on the canal that you spoke of, will the water drop out of the all-American into the blue line?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.Mr. HILL. Would not that water be wasted for the purposes of the all-American canal, for irrigation purposes, by the all-American canal ?Doctor MEAD. No.Mr. LANKFORD. You spoke about some power development taking place above this proposed project, did you not?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.Mr. LANKFORD. What has been done along that line?Doctor MEAD. Nothing, except surveys and estimates, but it is known that there are opportunities for the generation of power at a number of points along the line; a total of 6,000,000 horsepower.Mr. LANKFORD. IS it really better to let that development take place there, then build this dam lower, rather than build this dam the full height as at first contemplated ?Doctor MEAD. This dam ought to be the full size. The location of this dam is determined by getting as near to these canals as is possible and have a site where there is a large storage.Mr. SINNOTT. Did I understand you to refer to 6,000,000 horsepower?Doctor MEAD. It is possible to develop on the whole Colorado River 6,000,000 horsepower. We would start that up in Utah and come on down.Mr. LEAVITT. You figured 550,000 at the dam?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.Mr. SINNOTT. Our present hydroelectric power is between eight and ten million horsepower?Doctor MEAD. Oh, yes; there is a great deal of this that can not be considered at present because of the cost of transmission, but, if we should have a mind to develop anything like that, it is there.Mr. SINNOTT. Are we to understand that the Secretary approves this committee print bill?Doctor MEAD. I do not know whether the Secretary has seen the bill as it is now. I don't think he has. There have been a few changes, but generally it is in accord with his report.The CHAIRMAN. What are the important differences between the bill as introduced, and the committee print as submitted this morning?Doctor MEAD. The ones that I noticed, that is important, is giving the Secretary wider range of alternatives in the disposition of power and in the method of financing the project.Mr. SINNOTT. What is your position towards the views advanced by Mr. Hayden as to the rights of the State?

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