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32Doctor MEAD. As far as the bill is concerned, I do not see where this bill treats Arizona any differently from Nevada and California, the three States that are concerned. They are all on the Colorado. What Mr. Hayden speaks of there is, as he states--it is a difficult question, and it is a question that I think is unsettled, as to just what are the respective rights of the State and the Federal Government in determining a matter of this kind. Here is the State of Arizona with a certain kind of water law. Here is the State of California on the other side, or Nevada, with a different water law, and there must be some way to reconcile and adjust this matter.Mr. LEAVITT. They all have the principle of appropriation, do they not?Mr. ARENTZ. But the Government does not.Mr. HAYDEN. The theory of the bill--and it is perfectly plain--is that whatever the water law of Arizona or California or Nevada may be, the United States proposes to commence this construction and prosecute it regardless of State law.Mr. SINNOTT. But to distribute the water equally between you.Mr. HAYDEN. There is no proposal in the bill for an equal distribution of water between the States.Mr. SINNOTT. The doctor says you are all treated the same.Mr. HAYDEN. The bill provides that the distribution of water shall be as the Secretary of the Interior may arrange by contracts. It is entirely in his hands.Mr. SWING. But the distribution will either be by agreement between the States or under their respective laws, as they may avail themselves.Mr. HAYDEN. No; the bill states that the Secretary may make any kind of contract with anybody he pleases, to furnish water at any place.Mr. SWING. Other things being equal, Arizona is treated equally here. Those that are on the same footing are treated equally, are they not?Mr. HAYDEN. The bill absolutely ignores the water laws of all three States. In that sense Arizona, Nevada, and California are on an equality.The CHAIRMAN. Are there any questions that any of the members wish to ask Doctor Mead?Mr. SINNOTT. I would like to ask the doctor is there any provision in the bill sponsored by the Secretary of a farm unit on the lands to be irrigated?Doctor MEAD. This bill does not go beyond the provisions for three things. One is the dam--the reservoir--and the second is the power plant, and the third is the all-American canal. That is all it deals with. It does not deal with irrigation of new lands at all.The CHAIRMAN. That is reserved for future legislation?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.Mr. SINNOTT. But as to the old land Doctor MEAD. AS to the old land, it would be sold water under a Warren contract.Mr. SINNOTT. The present owner can occupy his present farm unit?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.

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