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33Mr. SINNOTT. No matter what that might be?Doctor MEAD. Yes.Mr. SINNOTT. What is that now in the Imperial Valley?Doctor MEAD. Of course, it varies widely. There is not any law. There are a good many large holdings there.Mr. SINNOTT. What is the maximum and minimum?Doctor MEAD. I don't know. The minimum would be small, but the maximum I do not know.Mr. SINNOTT. What is it, Mr. Swing?Mr. SWING. I think outside of one or two large holdings that the average is about 80 acres, taken by and large. The average will run around 80-acre tracts. There are some over a thousand acres.The CHAIRMAN. How was the title acquired to these large holdings? Was it acquired from the railroads?Doctor MEAD. I think in the first place the title was acquired in 640-acre tracts.Mr. SWING. That is the maximum under which title was acquired.Mr. SINNOTT. There is nothing in this bill requiring the landowner to sell the surplus over a farm unit of 160 acres at a price to be fixed by the Secretary, as is now in the present reclamation law?Mr. SWING. NO, sir.The CHAIRMAN. Are there any other questions?Mr. HUDSPETH. I just wanted to ask about this question: I did not refer to it because he answered the question of Mr. Leatherwood. Now, this $2,000,000 for the building of the levees over on the Yuma side, is that taken out of the reclamation fund or out of the General Treasury?Doctor MEAD. Out of the reclamation fund.The CHAIRMAN. And charged to what project?Doctor MEAD. Well, it was not charged to any fund. It has never been allocated. It was too great a burden to impose on the Yuma water users.The CHAIRMAN. Was the expenditure made without direct authority from Congress?Doctor MEAD. I am unable to answer that.Mr. SINNOTT. What is contemplated in this bill as to the new lands, the 200,000 acres?Doctor MEAD. Nothing.Mr. SINNOTT. Nothing at all?Doctor MEAD. It does not deal with them at all.Mr. SINNOTT. They will not be irrigated then?Doctor MEAD. Oh, I think that if this reservoir is built, they will be irrigated, but will be irrigated under legislation that will be enacted later on.Mr. SINNOTT. But they can not be irrigated under this present act?Doctor MEAD. They could be irrigated in this way, that this provides for the disposal of water from this all-American canal. They could get the water by buying it under a Warren Act contract.Mr. SINNOTT. Is that contemplated?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.

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