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34Mr. SWING. Your 200,000 acres on the east side of the mesa is public land now withdrawn from entry?Doctor MEAD. Yes.Mr. SWING. No one could go in there without the consent of the Secretary and file on it?Doctor MEAD. No. There would have to be subsequent legislation and that is not in this bill.Mr. SINNOTT. But the Secretary could rent them water under this act?Doctor MEAD. If there were canals built, there is broad provision there for renting water to people anywhere along the river.Mr. SINNOTT. Then that additional 200,000 acres could be handled under this bill in that way ?Mr. SWING. It is understood that there is nobody out there now.Doctor MEAD. They would make provision for building other distributing works. If provision was made in other legislation to build distributing works and settle the land, then we could, under this bill, sell them water from the all-American canal.Mr. SWING. Then this bill could not be made operative to these lands without other and additional legislation?Doctor MEAD. I think not.Mr. SWING. Even under the Warren Act?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir. It is all public land reserved from public entry, and you would have to provide for the way it would be settled. That is not provided for in this bill.Mr. LEAVITT. That would constitute another and separate irrigation project that would have to be handled individually?Doctor MEAD. Yes. There are two above the Laguna Dam, one on the Arizona side and one on the California side, that would be in much the same position.Mr. SWING. Doctor Mead, in conclusion, and in summary, you have described the problems of the lower Colorado River and the necessity for action, and engineering projects that you think ought to be constructed to solve the problems. You are also familiar with this committee print. Does it do the things that you think ought to be done on this river?Doctor MEAD. Yes.The CHAIRMAN. In your opinion, Doctor, do you think this is real emergency legislation in order to meet the menace of the floods, and also to provide for additional water supply for domestic purposes to the cities in southern California?Doctor MEAD. And the great menace from drouth [i.e., drought] in the Imperial Valley.Mr. SINNOTT. YOU consider the project solvent without the additional 200,000 acres, do you?Doctor MEAD. Yes, sir.The CHAIRMAN. As a matter of fact, the sale of power would pay for the whole development?Doctor MEAD. Would pay for the whole thing.The CHAIRMAN. For the construction of the all-American canal, as well as the dam and the distributing works?Doctor MEAD. I think that the all-American canal ought to be built on exactly the terms as irrigation works are built elsewhere, and for that reason they should pay for this construction. It

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