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36Mr. HAYDEN. It so appeals to you, but you do not qualify yourself as an expert authority on water law?Doctor MEAD. No. I was not speaking of it in that way.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I had in mind the question whether or not if it became necessary to modify or change the language, in order to perfect protection locally, if that would meet with any opposition from the proponents of the bill.Doctor MEAD. I don't think so. Certainly as far as I have come in contact with it, that is the desire, that they should be protected.The CHAIRMAN. If there are no other questions, we will consider the procedure for the next meeting, which we wish to hold on Wednesday morning. There are several gentlemen here from California, and if Mr. Swing will indicate those who wish to be heard that we may know what to expect when we convene again, I will appreciate it.Mr. SWING. Yes; I will confer with them, and hand you a list.The CHAIRMAN. But you do wish to have some of them heard at another meeting?Mr. SWING. Yes, indeed.The CHAIRMAN. Then, on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, we will resume the consideration of this legislation.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. Again calling attention to what we discussed at our first meeting, I take it as a matter of courtesy that each member of the committee and perhaps each Member of Congress representing, as I said before, a State or district in the basin, would like to submit the proposed draft to the water commissioner of their State and be advised as to what the views of the people at home are with reference to the proposed bill, so that by proceeding next Wednesday, we are not foreclosing ourselves.The CHAIRMAN. Oh, no. It is just to accommodate the gentlemen who are here from a distance.Mr. SINNOTT. How many of them are here and how long will they take?Mr. SWING. I think two days more will cover all we have to present.Mr. SINNOTT. Are they going to cover any matters that have not already been presented before?Mr. SWING. I think the testimony will be directed largely to explaining the phraseology of the bill; the significance of it.The CHAIRMAN. I think the committee would like to have something for the record showing some definite proposition from some of these people representing municipalities, in regard to their plans for repayment,Mr. SWING. Very well, that will be included. I thought that had been pretty well included before, but we will bring that down to date.The CHAIRMAN. But a year has elapsed since we had our last meeting.Mr. SWING. I believe that is a good suggestion. We will be glad to act on it.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I was wondering whether or not it is proposed that the policy is to be followed that the municipalities are, in advance, to enter into contracts and furnish security satisfactory to the Government?

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