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38purpose of defining, briefly, the position of Nevada in respect to what is known as the Boulder Dam project as contemplated by the committee print bill now under discussion.We recognize in the pressing necessities of the Southwest, as do members of your committee, we believe, a most weighty reason for the immediate construction by the Federal Government of the Boulder Dam project, and we desire to cooperate and assist so far as possible in bringing this about.In the consummation of this project we have, naturally, a desire to secure for the people of Nevada such incidental and direct benefits to which, by reason of the location of the project and the nature of our undeveloped resources, we are equitably entitled. At the same time we desire to recognize fairly the interests and the desires of all other States.For something like 200 miles the Colorado River forms the eastern boundary of Nevada. In this portion of the river lying between Arizona and Nevada is the site of the proposed Boulder Canyon dam. From no other site on the river can we expect to receive any substantial benefits.Because this site is the only one on the river in which we have a direct interest, Nevada desires that her right to a fair participation in the benefits to be derived from the project be safeguarded as well as may be.We desire assurance that we shall have the right to sufficient water for use on lands within the State which it may be economically feasible to irrigate. We desire power for the purpose of pumping water for domestic use and irrigation; for the operation of mining properties; for the electrification of railroads; for lighting cities and towns; for the operation of smelting and refining plants; and for the treatment of nonmetallic ores such as borax, gypsum, magnesite, alumina, and others which are found in large quantities in Nevada in the region adjacent to the Colorado River.We define our requirements more explicitly as follows:Not to exceed 300,000 acre-feet of water per annum for domestic use and irrigation.Twenty per cent of the power which may be developed at Boulder Canyon dam for use within the State as and when needed.Nevada was prompt in ratifying the Santa Fe compact, believing it essential to the protection of the upper basin States in their future development as well as for the more perfect definition of the rights of the lower basin. We desire, if it be possible, a compact between Arizona, California, and Nevada to provide for the fair division of the benefits assured to those States under the Santa Fe compact. We have been active in seeking such a compact which, however, has not yet been agreed upon and negotiations for which are still pending.For more than five years the States of the Colorado River Basin have sought to secure the development of the Colorado River as a measure indispensable to their growth and their prosperity. The necessity for action has grown constantly more urgent. The greatness of the enterprise and the vast diversity of interests involved have made necessary the careful study by your committee of the questions involved. Your investigations have been exhaustive and

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