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39you have now in your records, I believe, all information necessary to intelligent action.We believe it to be the duty of the Federal Government to proceed immediately with the construction of a dam at Black Canyon and to hold and operate the same, giving due regard to the needs of all sections of the Southwest for their future growth and the development of their natural resources. We most urgently request that your committee make its report upon the bill now before you at the earliest possible moment that this legislation may be considered by the Congress before adjournment.I would respectfully suggest to your committee that a clause be added to the committee print bill now under consideration, directing that the Secretary of the Interior, in the allocation of rights, shall make such allocation in accordance with the terms of a compact now in process of negotiation between the States of Arizona, California, and Nevada, provided such a compact shall be negotiated and ratified by the legislatures of said three States and consent thereto be given by Congress on or before March 4, 1927.Such a clause, permitting Arizona, California, and Nevada to proceed with the orderly and peaceful solution of their own problems, but leaving the Secretary of the Interior free to act under the terms of the bill as now drawn in case no agreement is arrived at, may be added, substantially as follows:Page 9, section 8 (a), line 7, add, following the word "herein":and by the terms of a compact between the States of Arizona, California, and Nevada for the division of the benefits accruing to said three States, under said Colorado River compact, provided such a compact between said three States shall be negotiated and ratified by the legislatures thereof and consent thereto be given by Congress on or before March 4, 1927.Mr. HAYDEN. You are a member of the commission that is negotiating the compact between the three States of the lower basin?Mr. SQUIRES. Yes, sir.Mr. HAYDEN. When do you expect to have your next meeting?Mr. SQUIRES. It has been my hope to have one very soon. When I left Nevada some of the members of the California commission were absent, and prior to that some members of the Arizona commission had been absent from the State. I anticipate that we will have a meeting very soon.Mr. HAYDEN. Do you sincerely believe that the representatives of the three States can reach an agreement with respect to an apportionment of water and other matters of difference between them?Mr. SQUIRES. I sincerely do.Mr. HAYDEN. IS that opinion based upon meetings that have been held and your information as to the general situation?Mr. SQUIRES. Yes, it is.Mr. HAYDEN. I believe you stated that Nevada wanted an assurance of sufficient water for her land, and would be satisfied with about 300,000 acre-feet.Mr. SQUIRES. Yes, sir; probably not quite that. We don't know just what it will amount to, but that will be ample. That figure was suggested by the California and Arizona commissions in these sessions we had.

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