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40Mr. HAYDEN. Are you satisfied that 300,000 acre-feet will fully take care of all of the needs of the State of Nevada?Mr. SQUIRES. I am satisfied that it will be ample.Mr. HAYDEN. What is the proposed division of the water?Mr. SQUIRES. The unconsumed portion would run back and flow down the stream and then divide between the other States.Mr. HAYDEN. Between California and Arizona?Mr. SQUIRES. Yes, sir.Mr. HAYDEN. After Nevada has been cared for?Mr. SQUIRES. Yes, sir.Mr. HAYDEN. Upon what basis?Mr. SQUIRES. Upon such basis as the States agree upon.Mr. HAYDEN. Has there been any tentative division of the waters between the two States ?Mr. SQUIRES. There have been some proposals back and forth, which have not been mutually satisfactory, but which have shown rather a tendency toward coming to an agreement, I think.Mr. HAYDEN. I do not understand the proposed allocation of 20 per cent of the power produced at Boulder Canyon for use in Nevada.Mr. SQUIRES. We desire, naturally, to have the right to use power from this project. We assume we have rights in common with other States for the use of a portion of that power.Mr. HAYDEN. There is no provision in this bill to allocate 20 per cent of the power to Nevada.Mr. SQUIRES. There is not. Under this suggestion for allocation, according to the tri-State compact, that might be worked out to the satisfaction of all three States.Mr. HAYDEN. Without a tri-State compact, the bill does not afford that protection to Nevada ?Mr. SQUIRES. No, sir.Mr. HAYDEN. Do you think it would be advantageous to your State to have a definite understanding that a certain part, say one-fifth, or 20 per cent, of the power produced may be used in Nevada, whenever Nevada wants it?Mr. SQUIRES. We think so; yes, sir.Mr. HAYDEN. Your suggestion that a time limit be placed in this bill, within which the three States shall agree, might defeat that very purpose, because if there were no agreement within the time specified, and the law were on the statute books, what assurance would you have that Nevada would get 20 per cent of the power.Mr. SQUIRES. We would then take our chances with the other States, if we were unable to protect ourselves, and try to get what we are fairly entitled to under the ruling of the Secretary of the Interior.Mr. HAYDEN. If you feel that the Secretary of the Interior will treat Nevada right, why insist upon a provision in the supplemental compact for 20 per cent of the power?Mr. SQUIRES. It is my idea that we should give to Arizona an invitation to come in on such a compact, and we should follow these negotiations that have been under way and, if possible, we should settle that question in a way satisfactory to the three States. We desire to do that, if possible.

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