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52Nearly 80,000 bales of cotton were grown in Lower California last year, and of this total virtually one-third was imported into the United States through Calexico. The approximate value of the cotton in Lower California, exclusive of seed, is $8,000,000. Forty thousand tons of seed were imported from Lower California into Calexico, and duties of nearly $300,000 were paid the United States Government on this commodity alone, which had an approximate value of $1,500,000.EFFECT ON VALLEY TRADE.Reports indicate that Imperial Valley ships through the port of Mexicali annually more than 30,000 carloads of produce, which would have to be diverted by another route in the event the port should be closed by action of the Mexican officials.According to the annual reports of Harvey Shepherd, deputy collector of the port at Calexico, the value of imports through the port for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1925, was $7,061,235, and the value of exports sent into Lower California for the same period was $4,271,301. For the previous fiscal year ended June 30, 1924, the value of the imports were $6,165,601, and the value of the exports was $4,068,621. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 1923, the imports at Calexico were $5,671,381, and the value of the exports was $2,317,836. The value of exports and imports for the current fiscal year will show a notable increase over those for the last few years, according to Shepherd, the deputy collector.Mr. LEAVITT. Do I understand that the governor would have the authority to do that without authority from the Congress of Mexico?Mr. SWING. I am not an authority on that.The CHAIRMAN. Do you want that in the record ?Mr. SWING. Yes. I also wish to read the following telegram [reading] :SAN DIEGO, CALIF.,February 26, 1926. HON. PHIL D. SWING,House Office Building, Washington, D.C.: Morning papers carry press dispatches seemingly indicating Mexican Government officials propose to cut off commerce between countries even to extent of operating railroads across line. If Mexican authorities serious in their statements this should indicate to Congress serious position Imperial Valley faces with present canal running through Mexico making even domestic water supply dependent upon whim of foreign authorities. This should remove last doubt of necessity for Boulder Dam development and all-American canalJOHN L. BACON, Mayor.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. What basis of fact have you for that?Mr. SWING. It was evidently a written statement. All of the papers of the same date carry the same statement. The governor evidently made a written statement and issued it.Mr. HAYDEN. Would it not affect Lower California as much as any other locality?Mr. SWING. I should think so.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. Does anybody claim to have seen such a statement as that in a Mexican paper?Mr. SWING. All the newspapers out there carried it, so it seems to be authentic. I assumed it was issued in writing.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I have great respect for the newspapers, but daily I see things quoted and the next day denied. I would like to know what basis of fact there is for that.Mr. SWING. In connection with that I will say that the Senate committee visited the general country visited by the House committee three years ago, and on that visit they went down to the

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