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53levee just above the irrigation district as guests of the district, examining the menace of floods to the valley.Mr. HUDSPETH. When did they make that visit?Mr. SWING. Last October or the first of November. They went across the line on flat cars, just as the trains regularly go across, without any notification to the governor or invitation for him to be present. He had been invited to a banquet at El Centro the night before, but, for some reason, no particular notice was given to him and he was not invited to be present on this particular trip. After the committee left, the gate at the boundary line was locked up, and the Mexican seal put on it and a guard put over it, and the talk was that he had been offended by the slight, and that he intended to show that he resented it. After several days of pleading with him to open it, he said he would look into it. It was kept closed for nearly a week, when it was ordered by the governor to be opened. If it had been flood season it would have been a very grave menace to the people of the country.Mr. REED. Would it require the governor's order to close it? If it required his order to open, would it require his order to close it?Mr. SWING. You can draw your own conclusions. That is what took place.Mr. HAYDEN. Speaking of the Senate committee, is there a bill similar to or identical with 9826 pending before that committee ?Mr. SWING. Yes.Mr. HAYDEN. Has the Senate committee concluded consideration of that bill?Mr. SWING. No. Your colleague, Senator Ashurst, protested that the Senate committee had no jurisdiction over it, because it contained the provision for a bond issue. He claimed it was a revenue act and they would have to wait for the House committee to act.Mr. HAYDEN. I suggest, Mr. Chairman, that the bill H. R. 9826 be referred to the Secretary of the Treasury for report, inasmuch as it contains a bond-issue provision. You will no doubt remember that we had a similar bill before us some years ago providing for a bond issue, and the then Secretary of the Treasury was requested to submit a report on it.Mr. SWING. Mr. Chairman, one more day will conclude our hearing. We are not prepared to go on further this morning. We thought these two witnesses would consume all of the forenoon. We have nothing further to present at this time, but we will ask for one day next week, and I think that will conclude the testimony.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I think the matter you brought to our attention is very important-this threat of the Mexican governor to practically declare an embargo; I am wondering if anybody can throw any light on that situation. I think the committee is entitled to know how serious that is.Mr. SWING. The newspaper just came to me this morning, and other papers of the same date carried the same statement.Mr. WINTER. Perhaps the Secretary of Commerce might enlighten the committee on that.Mr. SWING. It grew out of the Peteet crime or tragedy, where after the two daughters had been assaulted at Tia Juana, the entire

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