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54family wiped itself out in a suicide pact on account of the shame connected with the affair. Then the American Government closed the border at 6 o'clock on the theory that if the Mexican officers would not protect Americans who went over there our Government would act to keep them at home. This is a retaliatory proposal, since the action taken by our Government having had the effect of cutting off night-life activities at the resorts on the other side of the line.The CHAIRMAN. The committee could probably meet Wednesday of next week to continue this hearing.Mr. SWING. Very good. That will be entirely satisfactory to me.The CHAIRMAN. We will set that hearing for next Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.(Whereupon, the committee proceeded to the transaction of other business.)HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON IRRIGATION AND RECLAMATION,Wednesday, March 10, 1926.The committee this day met, at 10.20 a. m., Hon. Addison T. Smith, chairman, presiding.The CHAIRMAN. The committee will please come to order. We have met this morning for the consideration of H. R. 9826, which is a bill to provide for the protection and development of the lower Colorado River Basin, introduced by Mr. Swing on February 27, 1926.We had expected to have, in addition to the witness who will appear shortly, Mr. Bannister and Mr. Carpenter, both of whom testified at the last session of Congress, concerning this legislation; but they are not prepared to go ahead at this time, and we will therefore hear Mr. Maxwell for 30 minutes, at the expiration of which time we will lay aside this bill and proceed to the further consideration of H. R. 9880, which is a bill to adjust water-right charges on certain reclamation projects, and the Commissioner of Reclamation, Doctor Mead, will be here to sit in with us.Mr. Maxwell, you will please give your name, residence, and the concern in whose behalf you appear, to the stenographer.It is, as I understand, Mr. Maxwell's desire to make his statement without interruption.STATEMENT OF GEORGE H. MAXWELL, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL RECLAMATION ASSOCIATION.Mr. MAXWELL. I will have to qualify that, Mr. Chairman, because nothing would please me more than to have questions asked by members of the committee. But I have four points that I ought to cover, and if I could cover them in the limited time allotted me, and then answer questions that may suggest themselves to members of the committee, it would help me to cover the desired ground in the presentation of my remarks.Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee, I feel that it would be only fitting and appropriate at this time that I should express my very great appreciation for the courtesy shown me in

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