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56zona, I should be heard to explain to this committee, and set your minds right with reference to the attitude of the State of Arizona.The attitude of the State of Arizona has been grossly misunderstood and grossly misrepresented. If I find in the time allotted to me that there remains time enough to set those facts clearly before you gentlemen, I shall certainly do so; but if my time is occupied with discussions of more importance to Arizona than setting her position before you in the proper light, I shall give my time to a discussion of the more important things.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. Do you speak for the Governor of the State of Arizona?Mr. MAXWELL. No. I am a voter of the State of Arizona. I am in good faith a resident of Arizona. I insist that I am here on "foreign service." I am here in the interest of the State of Arizona. I am not a resident of the city of Washington or of any State but Arizona.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. If you do not speak for the Governor of Arizona, for what division of the State or what organization of the State, if any, do you speak?Mr. MAXWELL. I filed with this committee, and you will find it printed in full in the previous hearings, my authority to represent the Arizona Highline Reclamation Association. I represent that organization here to-day. It is a very strong organization in the State of Arizona. It has certainly made itself felt as a powerful force. There can be no question about that. However, Arizona, like a great many other States of the Union, might be likened to "a city of many mansions." It is quite likely that there may be differences of opinion in Arizona which would fall by the wayside if the absolute, first-knowledge facts, which are capable of ascertainment, could be laid plainly before the people, with plans for construction and estimates of costs resting upon unprejudiced foundations.I also represent the National Reclamation Association. The nature and character of that organization having been fully set forth at previous hearings before this committee. In view of the fact, it is not necessary, I take it, to go into that matter again. The National Reclamation Association is an organization which has been in active service in this field for 27 years.Mr. SWING. If I mistake not, a list of the membership of that organization was filed?Mr. MAXWELL. No; and there never will be one filed, I have discovered to my sorrow that the minute it is known a man is a member of our association an effort is made to get him to withdraw his membership.Mr. SWING. When, if you know, did that organization hold its last meeting?Mr. MAXWELL. It never has had and never will have a meeting. The National Reclamation Association, however, notwithstanding those facts, is pretty generally conceded to be the association that brought about the passage of the United States reclamation act of 1902. We have offices in the Maryland Building here in Washington and have had for 10 or 15 years. In fact, we have had an office in Washington the greater part of the time for the last 27 years.Mr. SWING. Whose office is it?

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