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62The CHAIRMAN. He could defer his statement, and we should be glad to hear him at a future date.Mr. HAYDEN. Or he could insert the fourth occurrence in the record so that the committee may read it.Mr. SINNOTT. Assuming that this Japanese-Mexican situation is true as depicted by you, what, in your opinion, is the remedy?Mr. MAXWELL. The remedy is, first, that the United States of America should notify Mexico that we propose to proceed with all reasonable diligence to utilize in the United States every drop of water in the Colorado River, leaving open for consideration only--you will please note carefully the exact language I use--the extent to which Mexico is entitled under the principle of the comity of nations to the continued use of waters for not one acre more than they are credited with having used in the Fall-Davis report, which was 190,000. That is the first.That puts us in the same position morally, I do not say legally, as a man who has filed an appropriation on a stream in a State where the law of appropriation still holds. To maintain our moral position we would have to proceed with reasonable diligence to use this water. The proposition is a huge one, and we should be entitled to considerable time. That notice being served on Mexico, we would have to lay out a plan for the construction of the necessary works and go ahead and build them-works which would provide for the use of this water in the United States. That is the fourth point I wanted to present to this committee. I have it indicated here (indicating) in my notes under the title "The Basis of Adjustment." Have I answered the question?We do not insist that Congress at this time make any large appropriation for construction. We do not want any interest requiring immediate protection to be delayed. The same expenditure of money called for in this bill will carry out everything that we ask that this country do immediately. A plan for adjustment that will give all the benefits, advantages, and protection, claimed for every interest in our own country is one of the things I want to lay before the committee. I think you will recognize, that only in a personal way, but in every other way, I have endeavored to keep the atmosphere surrounding the consideration of this important question before this committee free from bitter controversy, which has undoubtedly been thrown around it by some.In a spirit of kindness and good fellowship, I am here to present this specific plan for adjustment. I will put that in writing, so that everybody may take it and study it. I think I can give you something that is worthwhile.Following up the chairman's kind reference to me personally, I am before this committee as clear of any wrong interest as any lawyer who ever went before a court as amicus curiae. I want to give you the facts, and then I am willing to leave the issue with you, confident of your decision.I shall be glad to come before the committee at any time it feels disposed to hear me. I shall be in Washington until Congress adjourns, and may be with you practically any day.I thank you for hearing me at this time.

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