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74Mr. BANNISTER. The original estimate was always more of a guess than anything else. Either six million or six million and a half.Mr. HAYDEN. And what will the final cost be?Mr. BANNISTER. Somewhere around nine million.Mr. HAYDEN. AS usual, it is costing more to build such a tunnel than was expected.How much water is it proposed to divert annually in acre-feet through the Moffat tunnel?Mr. BANNISTER. One hundred thousand-acre feet per annum.Mr. HAYDEN. That is at the maximum amount that it is possible to divert?Mr. BANNISTER. That is the maximum amount that is possible. You see, the tunnel is at an elevation of 9,300 feet.Mr. HAYDEN. What is the total quantity of water that you estimate to be in the Colorado River basin ?Mr. BANNISTER. I believe it is 21,000,000-acre feet per annum. And may I make a point on that, Mr. Hayden, which I overlooked?The present division of that water made by the compact assigns to the upper four States 7,500,000 acres and to the lower 8,500,000, which is a million more than the three upper States get. In addition to that, you get another million acre feet at least by gravity that nothing on earth can take from you. And your State gets that-the bulk of it. The extra million that you receive already, that makes your amount 8,500,000 as against our 7,500,000, was supposed to cover a million acre feet out of the Gila, but the average annual flow of the Gila is more than a million acre feet; it is between two and three million, and gravity gives you, can not help but give you, all of the remainder of the Gila. The division of the remainder of the Colorado river system is to be made some 30 years hence and we don't know what the upper States will receive.Mr. HAYDEN. As the representative of the city of Denver your interest is so keen that in order to secure 100,000 acre-feet of water out of 21,000,000 acre-feet you feel that you ought to agree to a proposal of this kind at this time?Mr. BANNISTER. Mr. Hayden, my interest is just that keen. And let me explain a little further. This project-the power plant alone of this project, no matter whether situated on the Nevada shore or on the Arizona shore, might call for every drop of the unused waters of this river system. I know there are on file down in your State, with your State engineer, as many as six or seven other applications for permits from your State, and some of them call for all of the now unused waters of the river, and therefore if they call for all of the unused waters of the river, they would take our little 100,000 acre-feet.Mr. HAYDEN. Do you really think that to be a serious danger?Mr. BANNISTER. I think it is a very serious danger.Mr. HAYDEN. That small fraction of 21,000,000 acre-feet is so greatly in danger that you feel you must change your position and agree to this proposal?Mr. BANNISTER. The only difference between 100,000 acre-feet and 21,000,000 acre-feet is 20,900,000 acre-feet. The principle is the same; the effect is the same. We can not get what we have to have,

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