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76negotiations for an apportionment of the waters of the lower basin. The Governor of Arizona, more than a year ago, requested the Governor of California to appoint conferees to enter into such negotiations looking to an agreement, but that request was ignored. One reason why nothing has been accomplished is that some of the commissioners from some of the States, and others who were deeply interested, instead of being down in California or Arizona arranging for these negotiations, are spending their time in Washington trying to secure the passage of a bill which utterly ignores the necessity for a tristate compact.Mr. SWING. I would like to make this observation, that the last effort to get together, or the last meeting that was to be held, was postponed at the request of the Arizona representatives or commissioners, who said that they were unable to meet until a later date. Right now, my brother, who is chairman of the California commission, writes me that he has made overtures to the Arizona commissioners, asking them to indicate when they would be willing to meet the California and Nevada commissioners; so it can not be truthfully said that the delay is due to somebody else.Mr. HAYDEN. I am simply pointing out the very significant fact that those who would be most keenly interested in arriving at an agreement between the States of Arizona, California, and Nevada have been resident in Washington all the winter, instead of being at home, which would indicate to me that what they hope to do is to secure the enactment of legislation by Congress which would make a tristate compact unnecessary. If they can secure the passage of such a bill as this, then they can avoid having any agreement between the States as to an apportionment of the water. So far as the attitude of Arizona is concerned, if the four States of the upper basin frankly proposed to block any development whatsoever in the lower basin--if they are justified in assuming that attitude, then Arizona is equally justified in saying that there shall be nothing done until we likewise may make appropriations of water upon the basis for which we contend.Mr. SWING. May I say further that if this bill were passed tomorrow California would continue in every way possible to urge a reasonable and just agreement with the State of Arizona for a proper allocation of the benefits and use of the Colorado River. You people are our neighbors. We sell to you, and you come to California to spend your summers. We think of you as the community closest to us. We want you to be prosperous, because your prosperity is our prosperity. We want to live in harmony and in complete accord with your people. There is no feeling at all in our State other than to continue to stress and to urge upon Congress every provision for bringing Arizona into accord with this family of States, so that this development can go on for the mutual benefit of all the States.Mr. BANNISTER. If our good Arizona friends would give us their assurance that they would not be persistent in their efforts to get these power licenses from the Federal Power Commission, or if they would make an agreement to that effect, the situation would be different ; but these people are becoming aggressive in this matter, and you are putting us on the defensive, and we have to oppose additional projects until there is a ratification of the compact.

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