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81entitled to, as a matter of interstate law, whether the principle of diversion be "equitable division" or "priority regardless of State lines" then Nevada would be entitled. I do not think that the consent of Arizona would have to be obtained except in respect to the right to maintain the physical structure in the bed of the river, assuming that it belongs to Arizona.I would like to add that I have always felt that Governor Hunt has acted with perfect sincerity, and with a desire to protect the interest of his State as he sees it. I question nobody's good faith, and I still believe that the States will get together.Mr. HAYDEN. I am not questioning anybody's good faith, but I am sure that the Governor of Arizona has been more consistent in his attitude than some others.Mr. SWING. We have a report from the Secretary of the Treasury, and I suggest that it be read.The CHAIRMAN. Is it your desire to submit the proposed amendment as a part of the record?Mr. BANNISTER. Mr. Chairman, as I said in the beginning, I do not want to commit myself to the exact phraseology. I do not feel that it would be quite right in view of the fact that the commissioners from some of the States are not here. It can be sent in later.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I notice that the commissioner from one of the upper basin States is present. I do not know whether he desires to be heard or not.The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Carpenter, the committee will be pleased to hear any statement you may desire to make.STATEMENT OF DELPH CARPENTER, INTERSTATE RIVER COM-MISSIONER FOR COLORADO, DENVER, COLO.Mr. CARPENTER. Mr. Chairman, it would be very presumptuous on my part to attempt to make any material statement at this time, in view of the fact that Mr. Hopkins, of Wyoming, has just gotten out from the hospital where he underwent an operation, and in view of the fact that Mr. Wallace is compelled to remain in Salt Lake City on account of illness in his family.Mr. Bannister appears to be purely a volunteer here, and what he said in no way reflects our attitude one way or the other. The States of the upper basin have been represented all through these proceedings by the commissioners appointed for that purpose, and I would much prefer, so far as amendments are concerned, and so far as the details of any bill are concerned, to confer with the commissioners of the other State before saying anything myself on the subject.Mr. LEATHERWOOD. I think the commissioner from Nevada is also here.Mr. CARPENTER. Yes, sir; the commissioner from Nevada is present.Now, the statement of Mr. Bannister, while it is confined to the city of Denver, and while he represents the city of Denver, covers a large field of argument and a discussion of the attitude of the upper area. I do not wish the committee to take that statement as official in any degree-not that we agree or disagree with anything

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