Signing of the contract between the U.S. government and Six Companies for construction of Hoover Dam

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Signing of the contract between the U.S. government and Six Companies for construction of Hoover Dam
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Photo shows one man sitting at a table signing a document while several men standing behind him observe. The men are identified, left to right, as Charles P. "Pop" Squires; P.W. Dent, Assistant Commissioner of Reclamation; Mayor Fred Hesse; unknown; R.F. Walter, Chief Engineer, Bureau of Reclamation, seated; George W. ("Molly") Malone, State Engineer; J.R. Alexander, legal counsel; Louis B. Crampton, Special Attorney, Secretary of the Interior; Charles A. Dobbel, Executive Assistant, Secretary of the Interior, or, Frank Crowe, project engineer; Walker R. Young; O.W. Yates, title official, or, Jack McEachearn, President, General Construction of Seattle; John C. Page, Office Engineer (also identifed as Robert Copeland, truck driver); A.E. Cahlan; Earle A. Mills, Chief Clerk. The building they are in is identified as the Beckley Building (now Pioneer Club) in Las Vegas.
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