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Boulder Canyon dam : the essence of the Swing-Johnson Bill ; Boulder Dam : from... Discussion of the proposals in Congress to create Boulder (Hoover) Dam. Includes maps and illustrations.
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Colorado River problem Discusses possible uses of the Colorado River for water supply, irrigation, and power. Also discusses flood control on the Colorado. Recommends a comprehensive plan for development. Reprinted from Transactions, American Society of Civil Engineers, v. 88. "Presented at the...
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How Boulder Dam power will refinance Colorado River Project : statement to Congressional Colorado River... Primarly charts and tables showing how the building of Boulder Dam will pay for itself in power usage in Southern California. Predicts on population growth in the area. Includes a letter from the publisher of the Los Angeles Examiner.
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Some desert watering places in southeastern California and southwestern Nevada
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Boulder Canyon. A view of the Colorado River flowing through Black Canyon. In the forground are construction workers standing on a wooden trestle that is built along side the canyon wall. The workers appear to be dumping dirt from the trestle into...
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Aerial view of Boulder Canyon. Aerial view of the Colorado River flowing through Black (not Boulder) Canyon.
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Boulder Canyon floor after water from river had been diverted. A view of Black (not Boulder)Canyon floor after the Colorado River has been diverted. Construction scaffolding can be seen in the lower right of the photograph.
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Construction in Black Canyon A view of the construction on the walls of Black (not Boulder)Canyon. There appears to be several tunnels dug into the canyon walls. Construction workers are standing on scaffolding in the left foreground of the picture. A track constructed of...
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Crew operating construction equipment at Hoover Dam site Construction workers appear to be near the top of a canyon as they observe a coworker operating a power shovel which is being used to move rocks and boulders.
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Blast scales down the canyon walls for the construction of the intake towers This picture shows blasting in Black Canyon to scale down the canyon walls so that the intake towers can be built for Hoover Dam. Part of the river is visible.

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