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Crane transporting mixers in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam site Photo shows a crane transporting cement mixers pouring the concrete lining in a diversion tunnel for Hoover Dam. Workers and equipment are visible in the interior of the tunnel.
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Sidewall concreting inside diversion tunnel no. 4 Construction inside of diversion tunnel no. 4. Steel beams rigged with electric lights frame the walls and ceiling of the tunnel. A construction truck and workers are seen on the tunnel floor. In the distance a gantry...
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Gantry crane inside diversion tunnel no. 3 A gantry crane is seen inside a diversion tunnel during construction of Hoover Dam. A flat bed truck is seen on the tunnel floor in the foreground and construction workers stand by. The tunnel is illuminated by electric...
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Concrete side wall lining in diversion tunnel no. 3 View of the interior of diversion tunnel no. 3, showing completed side wall sections of concrete lining. The tunnel is illuminated by electric lights. Concrete pouring forms and a gantry crane are seen in the rear of the tunnel.

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