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Semi-tropical Nevada : a region of fertile soils and flowing wells Pamphlet discussing artesian wells and agriculture in Las vegas in the esrly 20th century. Includes illustrations.
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Colorado River problem Discusses possible uses of the Colorado River for water supply, irrigation, and power. Also discusses flood control on the Colorado. Recommends a comprehensive plan for development. Reprinted from Transactions, American Society of Civil Engineers, v. 88. "Presented at the...
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Hoover Dam View taken far away of Hoover Dam. Very little detail is visible but shows the terrain and mountains surrounding the dam.
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Colorado River question : shall natural resources create local or enlarge distant development? Pamphlet discussing whether or not Hoover Dam should be built and the allocation of Colorado River water and of the power that the dam would produce. Contains several maps.
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Water from the Colorado River Discusses the Boulder Canyon Dam Project (Hoover Dam) and the plan to bring water from the Colorado River to the fifteen cities of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by means of the Metropolitan Aqueduct. Includes illustrations and maps.
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Boulder Canyon dam : the essence of the Swing-Johnson Bill ; Boulder Dam : from... Discussion of the proposals in Congress to create Boulder (Hoover) Dam. Includes maps and illustrations.
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Aerial view of Black Canyon and the Colorado River An aerial view of the Colorado River winding through Black Canyon, showing future site of Hoover Dam. Shows mountains surrounding the canyon and in the distance.
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Aerial view of Black Canyon and the Colorado River Aerial view of Black Canyon and the Colorado River, future site of Hoover Dam. Panoramic view of the mountains and surrounding countryside.
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Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal Arguments for and against the building of the Boulder Canyon Dam. Inlcudes map of the proposed area for the development in the U.S. southwest.
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Partial proceedings of Conference of governors, commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California,... Speech of Hon. Geo. H. Dern, governor of Utah -- Speech of U.S. Senator Key Pittman, of Nevada -- Resolution adopted by the conference requesting the President of the United States to notify Mexico that the water of the Colorado...
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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada Booklet extols the benefits of moving to Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada to farm and to live in the early decades of the 20th century. Contains black & white photos of farms, orchards, wells, Mt. Charleston, Fremont Street and...
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How Boulder Dam power will refinance Colorado River Project : statement to Congressional Colorado River... Primarly charts and tables showing how the building of Boulder Dam will pay for itself in power usage in Southern California. Predicts on population growth in the area. Includes a letter from the publisher of the Los Angeles Examiner.
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View of Colorado River This shows the Colorado River from a lookout point above. Two people are faintly visible and as well as part of the road . There are mountains in the background which are covered with water today.
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Truck on road to Hoover Dam site Shows a truck on the road to the Hoover Dam site. There are mountains visible.
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Hoover Dam area and Colorado River An overview of the Hoover Dam area showing mountains, the Colorado River, and Fortification Hill.
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Workers laying railroad track near Boulder Canyon Photo shows workers and machinery involved in laying railroad track near Boulder Canyon. There are several structures in the picture and mountains in the background.
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Highway near Hoover Dam Shows a highway through the mountains near Hoover Dam.
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Somewhere near present-day Hoover Dam Shows mountains and sand, somewhere in the vicinity of present-day Hoover Dam.
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Some desert watering places in southeastern California and southwestern Nevada
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Colorado River basin : hearings before the Committee on irrigation and reclamation, House of representatives,...
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Laying pipe for Boulder City's water supply. A view of construction workers digging trenches across the desert floor to lay water pipelines. There are several dirt roads in the area and there has already been some pipeline laid. In the background is the surrounding mountains.
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Machinery at Hoover Dam site. This photograph shows a pipeline at the Dam site. The pipeline appears to have a valve that can be opened or shut with a wheel turning device. The pipeline appears to be attached to a concrete form shown in the...
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Bridge across Boulder Canyon at Hoover Dam site. A bridge stretches from one side of Black (not Boulder) Canyon to the other side, with the Colorado River flowing beneath. The background shows scaffolding against the mountainside. A building sits against the mountain at the far end of the...
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View of railroad tracks being laid at Hoover Dam site. A view of railroad tracks on the side of the mountain leading into a tunnel in the background. Both walls of the canyon are visable and the Colorado River is flowing through the bottom of the canyon. In the foreground...
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Panorama looking upsteam toward Hoover Dam reservoir Panoramic view looking upstream toward Hoover Dam reservoir. Mountains are visible in the background.
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Looking downstream toward Hoover Dam Aerial view of Hoover Dam, looking downstream. Cars are parked at an observation point overlooking the dam. There are roads and mountains in the background. Hoover Dam reservoir (Lake Mead) can be seen above the dam.
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Hoover Dam, looking downstream View of Hoover Dam, looking downstream from the Arizona side. Several buildings and structures are visible as well as an observation point at the left. Shows the intake towers and also Lake Mead (Hoover Dam reservoir). The...
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Arizona Black Canyon highway consruction Shows consruction equipment used to build the highway through Black Canyon on the Arizona side of the dam. Railroad tracks can be seen alongside the new road with a dragline on the tracks. There are mountains in the...
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View of Lake Mead and reservoir area View of Lake Mead and the reservoir area amid the surrounding mountains.
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View of spillway during construction of Hoover Dam Taken from high up, this photo shows the Arizona spillway, highway bridge, and Arizona highway. Mountains and roads can be seen in the background. Buildings, cables, and various types of construction equipment are shown.
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View of switchyard during construction of Hoover Dam Shows the switchyard, rigging loft, and surrounding area near Hoover Dam. The mountains are in the background and roads, buildings, and construction equipment are visible.
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Switchyard at Hoover Dam during construction View of excavation and construction at the Hoover Dam switchyard. Note the Boulder Dam highway in the back (now U.S. 93). Power shovels, trucks, and buildings are visible, with the mountains in the background.
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Hoover Dam from the Arizona side View of Hoover Dam, taken from the Arizona side, showing the intake towers and reservoir (Lake Mead) above the dam. A power shovel and also some buildings are visible. In the background there is construction equipment in the...
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Spillway during Hoover Dam construction View of the Nevada spillway drainage flume and general area. Mountains are visible in the background.
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Hoover Dam during construction View of the upstream side of the dam and the intake towers. In the background mountains and construction roads are visible. Lake Mead (reservoir) is visible above the dam.
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Panorama view, showing Six Companies Inc. work on the Arizona side of Black Canyon Highway. Panoramic view of construction work on the Arizona side of the Black Canyon Highway. Construction workers, dump trucks, electric draglines, temporary buidlings and an automobile are seen in the vastness of the desert mountains.
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Highway near Boulder City View of a paved highway through the mountains near Boulder City. There is a railroad track running parallel to the highway on the left side of the photo. On the right side there is a dirt road leading off across...
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Construction crew at bottom of Boulder Canyon Construction crew busy making forms at the bottom of Black (not Boulder) Canyon. There are tracks leading into the water that is in the canyon and there is a couple of carts sitting on the tracks. Several of the...
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Hoover Dam -- upstream face Color transparency of the upstream face of Hoover Dam, showing the intake towers, the reservoir (Lake Mead) and the surrounding mountains.
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Aerial view of Hoover Dam This color transparency is an aerial view looking upstream of Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, Lake Mead (the reservoir), and the mountains surrounding the area. Fortification Hill is in the background.
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Boulder pack train, tourist concession on the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent with signs "pack train", "post cards", and "curios" on the canvas sitting on a platform. There is another smaller tent to the left of the main tent, three benches in front of the main tent, an American flag on...
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Ragtown (also known as Williamsville) on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent camp where construction workers for Hoover Dam lived before barracks were constructed for them. Cars are parked throughout the encampment, and a man is walking along an unpaved road in the foreground. There is a mountain in the background....
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Ragtown, on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent city where the Hoover Dam construction workers lived until barracks were built for them. There are cars parked all through the encampment, and there are rugged mountains in the background. The view is looking south.
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Hesse's camp on the Colorado River Several weathered-looking wooden buildings sit in the desert. There are mountains in the background. There are trees including one large one near the buildings.
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Hoover Dam -- valve outlets in operation on the Arizona side Water pours from one of the outlets in the valve house on the Arizona side. Workers walk along a walkway by the Nevada power house or stand and look at the water. There is a mountain in the background.
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Hoover Dam -- valve outlets in operation on the Arizona side Water pours from the outlet works of the valve house on the Arizona side. Also shows some construction workers standing by a wall near the Nevada power house and looking at the water. There is also a truck in...
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Hoover dam -- valve outlets in operation on the Arizona side View from outside the Nevada power house of water pouring from the outlet works of the Arizona valve house. Also shows the Arizona power house and a mountain in the background.
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Pumping station A building sits on the desert floor. Pipelines lead from the building's foundation. A large metal tubular extension rising skyward is at the far end of the building. A fenced area enclosing electrical power lines and other structures are...
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Camping with children in Las Vegas A tent set up as a campsite in the desert. A woman stands outside the entrance to the tent holding a small child in her arms. On the ground at the woman's feet are two more small children. There is...
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Campground in Las Vegas for the unemployed. Tents are erected at a campground. Two automobiles are next to the tents. A man is walking from one side of the campsite to the other side. A mountain range is in the background.

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