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Colorado River basin : hearings before the Committee on irrigation and reclamation, House of representatives,...
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Water from the Colorado River Discusses the Boulder Canyon Dam Project (Hoover Dam) and the plan to bring water from the Colorado River to the fifteen cities of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by means of the Metropolitan Aqueduct. Includes illustrations and maps.
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Boulder Canyon dam : the essence of the Swing-Johnson Bill ; Boulder Dam : from... Discussion of the proposals in Congress to create Boulder (Hoover) Dam. Includes maps and illustrations.
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Colorado River question : shall natural resources create local or enlarge distant development? Pamphlet discussing whether or not Hoover Dam should be built and the allocation of Colorado River water and of the power that the dam would produce. Contains several maps.
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Semi-tropical Nevada : a region of fertile soils and flowing wells Pamphlet discussing artesian wells and agriculture in Las vegas in the esrly 20th century. Includes illustrations.
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Endorsement of House Bill 11449 (similar to Senate Bill 3511), Congress of the United States... Discussion of a Congressional bill to build Boulder Canyon Dam (Hoover Dam) and the All-American Canal to bring water from the Colorado River to the Imperial and Coachella Valleys in southern California. Includes illustrations and map. From the Francis P....
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People at Lookout Point viewing Hoover Dam construction A group of people are peering over Lookout Point, watching the progress of the Hoover Dam construction. The dam construction is not visible.
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Colorado River problem Discusses possible uses of the Colorado River for water supply, irrigation, and power. Also discusses flood control on the Colorado. Recommends a comprehensive plan for development. Reprinted from Transactions, American Society of Civil Engineers, v. 88. "Presented at the...
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Colorado River Boulder Canyon Project and the All-American Canal Arguments for and against the building of the Boulder Canyon Dam. Inlcudes map of the proposed area for the development in the U.S. southwest.
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Partial proceedings of Conference of governors, commissioners and advisors of the states of Arizona, California,... Speech of Hon. Geo. H. Dern, governor of Utah -- Speech of U.S. Senator Key Pittman, of Nevada -- Resolution adopted by the conference requesting the President of the United States to notify Mexico that the water of the Colorado...
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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada Booklet extols the benefits of moving to Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada to farm and to live in the early decades of the 20th century. Contains black & white photos of farms, orchards, wells, Mt. Charleston, Fremont Street and...
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How Boulder Dam power will refinance Colorado River Project : statement to Congressional Colorado River... Primarly charts and tables showing how the building of Boulder Dam will pay for itself in power usage in Southern California. Predicts on population growth in the area. Includes a letter from the publisher of the Los Angeles Examiner.
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Colorado River basin : hearings before the Committee on irrigation and reclamation, House of representatives,... Discussion on "a bill to provide for the protection and development of the Lower Colorado River Basin"; includes arguments regarding oil use and sustainability.
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Part of the crowd at the Boulder Junction ceremonies Part of the crowd of over 10,000 people who gathered at Boulder Junction, which is seven miles southest of Las Vegas, on Sept. 17, 1930, to watch Dr. Lyman Wilbur of the Bureau of Reclamation drive a silver spike at...

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