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Railroad cars transporting materials for Hoover Dam construction Shows railroad cars transporting materials for the construction of Hoover Dam. A man is standing on one of the railroad cars.
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Railroad cars and siding Railroad cars and siding in the vicinity of Hoover Dam. They were used to transport construction materials to the dam site.
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Hydraulic turbine for Hoover Dam Shows a hydraulic turbine being transported to Hoover Dam. The sign on the turbine says "Hydraulic turbines, Boulder Dam, Allis Chalmers". A man is standing next to the turbine, which is fastened to a flat car (railroad car).
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Working on cofferdam -- Hoover Dam Handwritten inscription on back: "Unloading dirt for coffer dam" from railroad cars.
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Hoover Dam construction site Shows Black Canyon and the Colorado River at the site of the construction of Hoover Dam. Some roads and railroad tracks are visible as well as buildings. Shown also are railroad cars and a temporary suspension bridge.
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Train at Himix Concrete Plant -- Hoover Dam site View of a train carrying cars loaded with sand. The train trestle is visible as well as the bins at Himix Concrete Plant where rock and sand are dumped.
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Machine shop and warehouse group of buildings Shows machine shop and warehouses, surrounded by material storage yards. There is also a train in the picture.
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Penstocks at Hoover Dam construction site Shows the giant penstocks used in the tunnels at Hoover Dam. One is on a railroad flatcar, the other is being hoisted from the railraod car. There is a construction worker standing on top of the penstock in...
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Penstock pipe at Babcock & Wilcox Plant Shows a huge penstock pipe on a railroad flatcar. A man is posed standing inside the pipe. "13' diameter penstock pipe". (hand-written inscription on back of photo)
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Construction of gravel plant View of the gravel plant being constructed near the Hoover Dam site. Railroad tracks and a flatbed railroad car are visible.

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