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Power house on Nevada side of Hoover Dam View of a power house on the Nevada side taken during the construction of Hoover Dam. Shows power penstock tunnels, scaffolding, construction equipment and trucks.
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Close-up of Arizona intake towers A close-up view of the intake towers on the Arizona side of Hoover Dam during construction. They are nearly completed, but there is scaffolding at the top of the towers.
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Diversion tunnels under construction - Hoover Dam Exterior view of diversion tunnels at the Hoover Dam site during construction. Photo shows the Colorado River and scaffolding around the partially constructed tunnels.
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Diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam Looking into the interior of a partially constructed diversion tunnel. There appears to be some sort of scaffolding for construction workers to stand on and the tunnel is illuminated by electric lighting.
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Boulder Canyon floor after water from river had been diverted. A view of Black (not Boulder)Canyon floor after the Colorado River has been diverted. Construction scaffolding can be seen in the lower right of the photograph.
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Spillway weir under construction -- Hoover Dam site Shows the Nevada spillway weir under construction. Scaffolding, temporary stairways, a construction shed, and other equipment can be seen.
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Construction of Hoover Dam intake towers Photo shows the site of the construction of the intake towers on the Nevada side of the dam. High scaling equipment, a crane, scaffolding, construction buildings and equipment are visible.
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Construction of diversion tunnels -- Hoover Dam site View of construction taking place at the upper portals of the diversion tunnels for Hoover Dam. Power shovel, buildings, roads, and scaffolding can be seen. Only the exterior portions of the tunnels are visible.
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Bridge across Boulder Canyon at Hoover Dam site. A bridge stretches from one side of Black (not Boulder) Canyon to the other side, with the Colorado River flowing beneath. The background shows scaffolding against the mountainside. A building sits against the mountain at the far end of the...
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Upstream face of Hoover Dam, during construction View of Hoover Dam construction from the Arizona side of the canyon. The upstream face of the dam is visible. The intake towers are nearing completion. Temporary bridges, scaffolding, a train trestle, and trams traveling across...
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View of a spillway bridge during construction of Hoover Dam View looking under the Arizona spillway bridge as it is being constructed. A train car is silhouetted under the bridge and various pieces of construction equipment are visible, including cables, hoisting machinery and scaffolding.
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Construction inside tunnel, Hoover Dam site Shows construction looking upstream in a tunnel at Hoover Dam. One of the pipe sections is in place. Scaffolding and other building materials are shown.
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View of spillway bridge under construction -- Hoover Dam Shows the Arizona spillway bridge under construction. Concreting machinery and scaffolding are shown.
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Valve house during Hoover Dam construction Shows the Nevada valve house during construction. It is built into the side of the canyon wall. Below it is the refrigeration plant. Cables, a truck, buildings, and scaffolding can be seen.
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Interior of diversion tunnel during Hoover Dam construction Interior view of a diversion tunnel, showing the water conduit being placed. Scaffolding is visible and the area is lit with electric lighting.
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Diversion tunnel under construction - Hoover Dam Exterior view of diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site during construction. Photo shows the Colorado River flowing through the tunnel and scaffolding around the partially constructed tunnel.
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Construction in Black Canyon A view of the construction on the walls of Black (not Boulder)Canyon. There appears to be several tunnels dug into the canyon walls. Construction workers are standing on scaffolding in the left foreground of the picture. A track constructed of...

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