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Side-wall jumbo inside diversion tunnel View of the interior of a diversion tunnel showing the side-wall jumbo used for placing of the concrete tunnel lining. The tunnel and jumbo are illuminated by electric lights. A construction worker stands in the foreground. A truck...
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Detail of side-wall jumbo inside diversion tunnel Detail of a side-wall jumbo used for pouring concrete lining inside a diversion tunnel. The side wings of the jumbo are jacked into place, and concrete is poured through ports by means of a traveling crane and 2 yd....
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Detail of a sidewall jumbo inside diversion tunnel no. 3 Close-up of a section of a side-wall jumbo inside a diversion tunnel set for concrete pouring of the tunnel's side walls. The form is 80 feet long and consists of four 20-foot sections bolted together. Measurements are marked...

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