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Surveyors overlooking Black Canyon. Two surveyors pose as they are working high above Black Canyon. The Colorado River is visible far below.
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Water from the Colorado River Discusses the Boulder Canyon Dam Project (Hoover Dam) and the plan to bring water from the Colorado River to the fifteen cities of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by means of the Metropolitan Aqueduct. Includes illustrations and maps.
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"Crows Nest" overlooking Black Canyon and the Colorado Two men, possibly surveyors, standing on the edge of the canyon at an overlook known as "Crows Nest", overlooking the Hoover Dam site in Black Canyon. The Colorado River is visible below. Photo is actually a postcard.
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Some desert watering places in southeastern California and southwestern Nevada
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Black Canyon prior to dam construction Shows a surveyor perched on the side of Black Canyon surveying the area preliminary to the construction of Hoover Dam. The Colorado River is visible below. On the back of the phot is hand-written "Rigger-rodman working with topographical...

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