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Building Black Canyon Highway to Hoover Dam site This is a view looking at the walls of Black Canyon with the Colorado River flowing below. In the foreground of the picture there is a ledge or trail cut into the side of the mountain and there is a...
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Panorama view, showing Six Companies Inc. work on the Arizona side of Black Canyon Highway. Panoramic view of construction work on the Arizona side of the Black Canyon Highway. Construction workers, dump trucks, electric draglines, temporary buidlings and an automobile are seen in the vastness of the desert mountains.
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View of construction on roads around the Arizona spillway View of construction on roads around the completed Arizona spillway, looking downstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Curbs and guard rails are being installed. A dragline, two dump trucks and a temporary building are seen near the spillway....
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Colorado River -- Beginning construction -- Hoover Dam Shows the Colorado River in Black Canyon at the beginning of construction on the dam. Some cables are suspended across the river, some construction workers are on the roads next to the river, and a power shovel is visible.
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Constructing highway to dam site A view of construction workers operating tractors as they construct a highway across the desert floor during the summer of 1931.

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