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Construction of Hoover Dam View of construction on the canyon floor of Black Canyon. Trucks and roads are visible. Some buildings can be seen also. The concrete pouring forms and a cofferdam are also visible.
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Preliminary construction at Hoover Dam site "Down-stream from Observation Point -- note tunnel in center of picture. Trucks hauling muck from Nevada portals must go through this tunnel to dumping grounds one mile away. [150 feet to river straight down]"-- [hand-written inscription on back...
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Hoover Dam construction "Down stream from Observation Point. Buildings on the right side are water sedimentation plants. Water treated for Boulder City. Left side is Arizona side of River." [hand-written inscription on back of photo] This photo was taken high...
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Colorado River, early stages of dam construction View of The Colorado River and the construction roads on the sides of the canyons and mountains. Taken from very high above. Some buildings and structures are also visible.
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Hoover Dam construction equipment Shows a box of equipment being lowered into Black Canyon during the construction of Hoover Dam. Cables, roads, and a truck are visible.
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Hoover Dam construction Shows a general view of dam construction. Cables, buildings, and roads are visible. Concrete pouring forms can be seen at the bottom of the canyon. A portion of the Colorado River is also visible. The...
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Early stages of construction of Hoover Dam Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "Hoover Dam -- Down the Colorado River. Dump trucks are on Arizona side and hauling muck to dumping grounds -- no muck can be dumped in the river." The road along...
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Aerial view -- Hoover Dam construction Aerial view of Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, and the Colordo River during the construction of the dam. Two portals of the diversion tunnels are visible. There are trucks and buildings on the cofferdam. The face of the...

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