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Nevada power house at Hoover Dam construction site View of construction of the Arizona power house at the dam site. Hoisting equipment, cables, trucks and construction workers can be seen. Various buildings and structures are pictured as well as roads and concrete pouring forms.
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Downsteam view of Hoover Dam, showing power house construction View of Hoover Dam and power house under construction. Buildings and structures, concrete pouring forms, cables, and a crane can be seen. Some construction workers and trucks are also pictured. Above the dam part of an intake...
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View of power houses being constructed at the Hoover Dam site General view of the construction of Hoover Dam, looking upstream. The power houses are being built in this phase. A cableway spans the canyon carrying a tram across. There are several buildings, construction workers, and trucks visible....
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Power house under construction at Hoover Dam site Close-up view of a power house under construction at Hoover Dam. Shows concrete pouring forms and the pouring arrangement. There is a construction building and a construction worker in the lower left corner.
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Construction of the Arizona power house Shows the reinforcing framework for the Arizona power house and the locations for the turbine rooms, front room galleries, and penstocks. Some buildings, trucks, tunnel openings, and construction workers are visible.
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Construction on the Arizona power house View from the downstream cofferdam of construction on the Arizona power house. Concrete pouring forms and steel framework stand on top of the power house foundation. The dam face and wall of Black Canyon can be seen in the background....
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Construction on the power houses viewed from the valve house catwalk View of construction on the Nevada and Arizona power houses, taken from the valve house catwalk in the lower cofferdam. The dam face is seen in the background. Concrete pouring forms are visible on the power houses. Temporary buildings, construction...
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Power houses being constructed at Hoover Dam Shows the concrete pouring forms for the base of the dam. The upper cofferdam is in the background. Cableways, buildings, construction workers and trucks are visible. A railroad track runs along the side of the wall of Black Canyon.
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Central section of the powerhouse Shows the floor level of the powerhouse under construction. The number 2 adit car is in the extreme background. Construction workers are also visible.
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Looking upstream at Hoover Dam during construction An expansive view of the upstream face of Hoover Dam during construction. Various buildings and structures, workers, cars and equipment can be seen. Hoisting machinery and concrete pouring forms can be seen also.
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Telephoto view of Arizona powerhouse units Concrete pouring forms are being put in place as part of the construction of the Arizona power house. Construction materials and workers are visible.

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