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Cape Horn on the Colorado River showing cliff buildings Shows the Six Companies construction camp at Cape Horn on the Colorado River. Shows several buildings on the bank above the river.
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View of Hoover Dam construction, early stage An aerial view of the Colorado River and Black Canyon during the early stages of Hoover Dam construction. The photo was taken from near the top of the dam site, on the Nevada site. It shows a building,...
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Power substation during Hoover Dam construction View of a substation used to power Hoover Dam construction activities. Also shown are buildings and roads winding up into the mountains.
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Boulder City, Nevada Shows man perched on hill overlooking Boulder City, Nevada. Houses and other buildings are visible. There are power lines overhead.
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Black Canyon during dam construction Shows construction equipment and buildings in Black Canyon. There is a platform built on the side of the canyon and a cable line overhead transporting trams.
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Diversion tunnels during Hoover Dam construction Photo shows the Arizona diversion tunnels during the construction of Hoover Dam. Two men, railroad trucks, a temporary bridge, some temporary structures and a cable over the canyon are also shown.

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