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Hoover Dam, looking downstream View of the construction of the foundations of Hoover Dam on the floor of Black Canyon. Various pieces of machinery can be seen as well as a construction building. The view is taken from high above but several...
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Bridge across Boulder Canyon at Hoover Dam site. A bridge stretches from one side of Black (not Boulder) Canyon to the other side, with the Colorado River flowing beneath. The background shows scaffolding against the mountainside. A building sits against the mountain at the far end of the...
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View of construction on roads around the Arizona spillway View of construction on roads around the completed Arizona spillway, looking downstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Curbs and guard rails are being installed. A dragline, two dump trucks and a temporary building are seen near the spillway....
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Panorama view, showing Six Companies Inc. work on the Arizona side of Black Canyon Highway. Panoramic view of construction work on the Arizona side of the Black Canyon Highway. Construction workers, dump trucks, electric draglines, temporary buidlings and an automobile are seen in the vastness of the desert mountains.
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Hoover Dam construcion -- blasting Shows the construction of Hoover Dam. One of the portals of the diversion tunnels is visible. Dynamite blasting is taking place in the canyon and trucks and various construction buildings are visible on the cofferdam. Also shows some...
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Construction at lower portal of Hoover Dam Shows construction at the lower portal of Hoover Dam. Part of the bridge is visible as are trucks, buildings, and construction workers. Part of the Colorado River is visible and also the wall of Black Canyon.
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Power houses being constructed at Hoover Dam Shows the concrete pouring forms for the base of the dam. The upper cofferdam is in the background. Cableways, buildings, construction workers and trucks are visible. A railroad track runs along the side of the wall of Black Canyon.
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Construction crew at bottom of Boulder Canyon Construction crew busy making forms at the bottom of Black (not Boulder) Canyon. There are tracks leading into the water that is in the canyon and there is a couple of carts sitting on the tracks. Several of the...

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