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First 40 foot slab of concrete poured in lining diversion tunnels This is a view of the interior of a diversion tunnel when the first 40 foot concrete slab was poured to line the tunnel during construction of Hoover Dam. Lights illuminate the scene and a construction worker can be...
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View showing method of finishing slabs in invert lining. Construction workers are operating machinery to finish slabs in the invert lining of a diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site.
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Trucks hauling concrete in the diversion tunnel This photo shows trucks and equipment used for hauling and pouring concrete to form the invert lining in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. Also shows some construction workers.
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Close-up of trimming jumbo Shows construction workers on the trimming jumbo which was used to scale the walls of the diversion tunnels and remove projecting rock. The tunnel is at the Hoover Dam construction site.
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Six Companies' power shovel dumping dirt in dump truck in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam... Construction workers are operating a power shovel, dumping dirt into a dump truck in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. This is in the early phase of dam construction.
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Crane transporting mixers in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam site Photo shows a crane transporting cement mixers pouring the concrete lining in a diversion tunnel for Hoover Dam. Workers and equipment are visible in the interior of the tunnel.

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