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View of the concrete lining in the diversion tunnels Construction workers are pouring concrete to line the diversion tunnels. Lights illuminate the project. Huge buckets hang from a crane.
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Crane transporting mixers in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam site Photo shows a crane transporting cement mixers pouring the concrete lining in a diversion tunnel for Hoover Dam. Workers and equipment are visible in the interior of the tunnel.
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Hoover Dam site, looking downstream View of the beginning of Hoover Dam contruction at the bottom of Black Canyon. Various pieces of equipment, trucks, workers, etc. are visible including a crane suspended above the construction site. The view is from downstream.
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First concrete in Hoover Dam Construction workers are pouring the first concrete for the foundation of Hoover Dam in the bottom of Black Canyon. Large bucket suspended from a crane is visible as well as the concrete frames for the pour.

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