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Workers in transport buses This view shows the swing shift ready to leave from Dormitory No. 2 in Boulder City. Shows the dormitory and transport buses loaded with construction workers.
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Power shovel and trucks opening up an adit Construction workers are using a power shovel and trucks to open up an adit as part of the construction of Hoover Dam.
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Trucks hauling concrete in the diversion tunnel This photo shows trucks and equipment used for hauling and pouring concrete to form the invert lining in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. Also shows some construction workers.
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Construction bridges across the Colorado River This is a view of a truck loaded with equipment driving across a bridge spanning the Colorado River at Hoover Dam site. Construction workers and equipment are shown on the bank of the river. At the right is...
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Six Companies' power shovel dumping dirt in dump truck in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam... Construction workers are operating a power shovel, dumping dirt into a dump truck in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. This is in the early phase of dam construction.

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