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Hoover Dam site, looking upstream Vehicles, men, and construction equipment are visible. This view was taken in the early stages of the construction of Hoover Dam in the bottom of Black Canyon.
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Hoover Dam site, looking downstream View of the beginning of Hoover Dam contruction at the bottom of Black Canyon. Various pieces of equipment, trucks, workers, etc. are visible including a crane suspended above the construction site. The view is from downstream.
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Transport trucks at Hoover Dam site Shows transport trucks and construction workers in Black Canyon next to railroad tracks.
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Construction at lower portal of Hoover Dam Shows construction at the lower portal of Hoover Dam. Part of the bridge is visible as are trucks, buildings, and construction workers. Part of the Colorado River is visible and also the wall of Black Canyon.
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Power houses being constructed at Hoover Dam Shows the concrete pouring forms for the base of the dam. The upper cofferdam is in the background. Cableways, buildings, construction workers and trucks are visible. A railroad track runs along the side of the wall of Black Canyon.
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Black Canyon A view of the Colorado River flowing through Black (not Boulder) Canyon. On the right side of the canyon there is a road with two automobiles, some construction equipment, and a construction worker.
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Workers on the Colorado River A view of construction workers towing a generator behind the boat that they are using to cross the Colorado River.
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Temporary cableway spanning the Colorado River near Lookout Point A temporary cableway filled with construction workers is poised above the Colorado River in Black Canyon near Lookout Point. The Arizona spillway operations are shown in the background.

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