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Hoover Dam site, looking upstream Vehicles, men, and construction equipment are visible. This view was taken in the early stages of the construction of Hoover Dam in the bottom of Black Canyon.
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Hoover Dam site, looking downstream View of the beginning of Hoover Dam contruction at the bottom of Black Canyon. Various pieces of equipment, trucks, workers, etc. are visible including a crane suspended above the construction site. The view is from downstream.
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Union Pacific Streamline train at the dam site Construction workers stand outside a Union Pacific Streamline train at the dam site. Workers continue work on pouring concrete into forms on the top of the dam wall. Scaffolding supports workers working on the face of the dam wall. ...
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Dam workers return to Boulder City after shift Shows a motor lorry (bus)parked in Boulder City; dam workers are exiting the lorry as they return from the day shift on Hoover Dam. Portions of buildings are visible.
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Nevada spillway during construction of Hoover Dam Photo shows men working on the Nevada spillway weir. There are concrete forms, various buildings, construction equipment, and a truck in the scene.
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Himix Concrete Plant at Hoover Dam site View of the Himix Concrete Plant at the Hoover Dam site. The structure is mutli-storied and built into the side of the canyon. There is a flatbed truck with a cement bucket on the back and cement mixers...
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Unloading huge pipes -- Hoover Dam site Shows valve house outlet pipes being uloaded with a cableway. A construction worker is standing on top of a pipe as it is being lifted off a railroad car.
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Nevada power house at Hoover Dam construction site View of construction of the Arizona power house at the dam site. Hoisting equipment, cables, trucks and construction workers can be seen. Various buildings and structures are pictured as well as roads and concrete pouring forms.
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Downsteam view of Hoover Dam, showing power house construction View of Hoover Dam and power house under construction. Buildings and structures, concrete pouring forms, cables, and a crane can be seen. Some construction workers and trucks are also pictured. Above the dam part of an intake...
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View of power houses being constructed at the Hoover Dam site General view of the construction of Hoover Dam, looking upstream. The power houses are being built in this phase. A cableway spans the canyon carrying a tram across. There are several buildings, construction workers, and trucks visible....
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Looking downstream on the Hoover Dam construction site This view, taken from the Nevada side of the canyon, shows the lower cofferdam being excavated. Trucks, buildings, , and construction roads are visible. The Colorado River can be seen below the site. There is a temporary...
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Top of Hoover Dam, during construction View of the top of Hoover Dam during construction with intake towers and a spillway in the background. A temporary bridge and cableway with trams span the canyon. Construction workers are on top of the dam, working with...
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View of Arizona spillway during construction A telephoto view of the Arizona spillway during the construction of Hoover Dam. Shows the bridge and control house. Trucks, various buildings, and some construcion workers are visible. Cables are overhead and construction roads snake up the...
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Final pour in the slot, Hoover Dam Shows construction workers making the final pour in the slot. Several men are working, the others supervising. A truck and cement mixer are visible. In the bakcground a portion of an intake tower can be seen.
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Switchyard control circuit tunnel under construction -- Hoover Dam site Shows construction work on the switchyard control circuit tunnel. Various structures are visible, as well as roads, and automobiles. A power shovel is excavating. In the foreground is the power sub-station. The Babcock and Wilcox Company...
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Hoover Dam construction, looking down on top Shows construction workers and equipment on the top of Hoover Dam.. They are building the roadway across the dam. Trams on cableways and intake towers can be seen in the background. A bucket is pouring the roadway...
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Switchyard control house, yard and present substation -- Hoover Dam site Shows the switchyard control house, yard and substation. Workers, trucks, construction equipment and roads are visible.
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Workers in transport buses This view shows the swing shift ready to leave from Dormitory No. 2 in Boulder City. Shows the dormitory and transport buses loaded with construction workers.
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Power shovel and trucks opening up an adit Construction workers are using a power shovel and trucks to open up an adit as part of the construction of Hoover Dam.
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Day shift workers boarding transports for the return journey to Boulder City Dam construction workers are boarding transport buses for the return ride to Boulder City.
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Train car dumping gravel into hopper at gravel plant A side-dump car from the gravel pits is dumping gravel into a depressed track hopper at the gravel plant. Train and buildings are visible. An employee is watching the process.
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Construction of Hoover Dam diversion tunnel Shows a dump truck and construction workers framed at the mouth of a diversion tunnel during the construction of Hoover Dam.
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Construction workers inside Hoover Dam diversion tunnel Shows a power shovel dumping concrete into a dump truck inside a diversion tunnel during the construction of Hoover Dam. Construction workers are visible at work.
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Portals, Hoover Dam construction "Shows men placing dynamite to flood entrance blocks away from #3 and #4 Arizona side."(inscription on back of photo) The portals to the diversion tunnels are visible. The Colorado River is shown below the portals and buildings and trucks...
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Transport trucks at Hoover Dam site Shows transport trucks and construction workers in Black Canyon next to railroad tracks.
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Penstocks at Hoover Dam construction site Shows the giant penstocks used in the tunnels at Hoover Dam. One is on a railroad flatcar, the other is being hoisted from the railraod car. There is a construction worker standing on top of the penstock in...
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Penstock pipes at Babcock & Wilcox Plant Shows a giant penstock pipe being lifted by hoisting machinery. Several construction workers are looking on and one is helping with the lifting. A tractor is also visible.
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Construction of Hoover Dam "First load of muck used in coffer dam [sic]. Looking at Arizona portals #3 & #4. Water now flowing thru these." (hand-written inscription on back of photo) Shows a dump truck dumping the muck and construction...
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Penstock pipes at Babcock & Wilcox Plant Shows a huge penstock pipe at the Babcock & Wilcox Plant near the site of Hoover Dam construction. Several workers are pictured, and a steam train engine is parked on the railroad tracks inside the huge pipe.
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Penstock pipe at Babcock & Wilcox Plant Shows giant penstock pipes at the Babcock & Wilcox Plant near the Hoover Dam construction site. Construction workers are visible standing next to one of the pipes, which is 30 feet in diameter. The pipe is on...
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Hydraulic turbine for Hoover Dam Shows a hydraulic turbine being transported to Hoover Dam. The sign on the turbine says "Hydraulic turbines, Boulder Dam, Allis Chalmers". A man is standing next to the turbine, which is fastened to a flat car (railroad car).
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Upper portals -- Hoover Dam site Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "View at upper portals showing narrowed channel just prior to diversion". Construction roads, equipment, and workers are visible. Some buildings and trucks are also in the picture.
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Work on cofferdam -- Hoover Dam Shows men and trucks working on the cofferdam at the Hoover Dam site. Power shovels and other construction equipment are also visible.
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Construction of gravel plant near Hoover Dam site Shows the construction of the gravel plant near the Hoover Dam site. A crane is lifing equipment. Construction workers, cars and trucks, and buildings can be seen.
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Construction at lower portal of Hoover Dam Shows construction at the lower portal of Hoover Dam. Part of the bridge is visible as are trucks, buildings, and construction workers. Part of the Colorado River is visible and also the wall of Black Canyon.
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Power houses being constructed at Hoover Dam Shows the concrete pouring forms for the base of the dam. The upper cofferdam is in the background. Cableways, buildings, construction workers and trucks are visible. A railroad track runs along the side of the wall of Black Canyon.
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Construction of Hoover Dam Shows the head tower hoist house and permanent cableway. Cars and trucks are visible on the road across the dam as well as next to the hoist house. A transmission tower can be seen and construction workers are...
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Construction of Hoover Dam "Head tower hoist house and anchorage of permanent 150 ton cableway at Boulder Dam runs from upper end of hi[gh]mix gulch." (handwritten inscription on back of photo) Construction workers, trucks, and buildings are also visible.
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Construction bridges across the Colorado River This is a view of a truck loaded with equipment driving across a bridge spanning the Colorado River at Hoover Dam site. Construction workers and equipment are shown on the bank of the river. At the right is...
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Six Companies' power shovel dumping dirt in dump truck in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam... Construction workers are operating a power shovel, dumping dirt into a dump truck in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. This is in the early phase of dam construction.
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Construction near the upper portals of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2 High scalers work on the cliff face above the unfinished portals of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2. Construction equipment, trucks and workers are seen on the road in front of the tunnels. Rigging and ropes hang from...
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Construction workers with electric light reflectors standing by a truck in Black Canyon Several construction workers in Black Canyon prepare reflectors for electric lighting from metal dishpans. Some of the workers stand in a truck bed and others stand beside the truck.
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Trains on Elevation 720 Railroad Bench, hauling conrete to Hoover Dam. Freight cars carrying buckets of concrete are seen on a temporary railway built onto the canyon wall at the Hoover Dam construction site. Concrete setting in pouring forms in the dam site and construction workers are seen below.
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Black Canyon A view of the Colorado River flowing through Black (not Boulder) Canyon. On the right side of the canyon there is a road with two automobiles, some construction equipment, and a construction worker.
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View of two hundred ton two-way trailer, with test load Several men inspect a two hundred ton two-way trailer loaded with construction materials. The trailer stands next to a railroad track, and in front an industrial building. Mountains can be seen in the background.
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Constructing highway to dam site A view of construction workers operating tractors as they construct a highway across the desert floor during the summer of 1931.
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Construction at Hoover Dam This photograph shows construction workers using a hose attached to a tank filled with water to water down the dirt at the Dam site. The water tank is attached to a truck bed. Three workers are operating the water hose....
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Workers on the Colorado River A view of construction workers towing a generator behind the boat that they are using to cross the Colorado River.
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Construction of the Arizona power house Shows the reinforcing framework for the Arizona power house and the locations for the turbine rooms, front room galleries, and penstocks. Some buildings, trucks, tunnel openings, and construction workers are visible.
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Hoover Dam -- valve outlets in operation on the Arizona side Water pours from the outlet works of the valve house on the Arizona side. Also shows some construction workers standing by a wall near the Nevada power house and looking at the water. There is also a truck in...

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