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Hoover Dam site, looking upstream Vehicles, men, and construction equipment are visible. This view was taken in the early stages of the construction of Hoover Dam in the bottom of Black Canyon.
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Hoover Dam site, looking downstream View of the beginning of Hoover Dam contruction at the bottom of Black Canyon. Various pieces of equipment, trucks, workers, etc. are visible including a crane suspended above the construction site. The view is from downstream.
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Dam workers return to Boulder City after shift Shows a motor lorry (bus)parked in Boulder City; dam workers are exiting the lorry as they return from the day shift on Hoover Dam. Portions of buildings are visible.
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Nevada spillway during construction of Hoover Dam Photo shows men working on the Nevada spillway weir. There are concrete forms, various buildings, construction equipment, and a truck in the scene.
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Unloading huge pipes -- Hoover Dam site Shows valve house outlet pipes being uloaded with a cableway. A construction worker is standing on top of a pipe as it is being lifted off a railroad car.
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Final pour in the slot, Hoover Dam Shows construction workers making the final pour in the slot. Several men are working, the others supervising. A truck and cement mixer are visible. In the bakcground a portion of an intake tower can be seen.
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Power shovel and trucks opening up an adit Construction workers are using a power shovel and trucks to open up an adit as part of the construction of Hoover Dam.
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Day shift workers boarding transports for the return journey to Boulder City Dam construction workers are boarding transport buses for the return ride to Boulder City.
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Train car dumping gravel into hopper at gravel plant A side-dump car from the gravel pits is dumping gravel into a depressed track hopper at the gravel plant. Train and buildings are visible. An employee is watching the process.
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Construction bridges across the Colorado River This is a view of a truck loaded with equipment driving across a bridge spanning the Colorado River at Hoover Dam site. Construction workers and equipment are shown on the bank of the river. At the right is...
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Temporary cableway spanning the Colorado River near Lookout Point A temporary cableway filled with construction workers is poised above the Colorado River in Black Canyon near Lookout Point. The Arizona spillway operations are shown in the background.
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Trucks hauling concrete in the diversion tunnel This photo shows trucks and equipment used for hauling and pouring concrete to form the invert lining in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. Also shows some construction workers.

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