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Construction of Hoover Dam View of construction on the canyon floor of Black Canyon. Trucks and roads are visible. Some buildings can be seen also. The concrete pouring forms and a cofferdam are also visible.
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Looking downstream on the Hoover Dam construction site This view, taken from the Nevada side of the canyon, shows the lower cofferdam being excavated. Trucks, buildings, , and construction roads are visible. The Colorado River can be seen below the site. There is a temporary...
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View of the power house and valve houses from top of Hoover Dam View of the power house and valve houses from the top of the dam. Various buildings and structures can be seen as well as concrete forms. There are construction roads below the dam and a temporary bridge spans...
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View of Arizona spillway during construction A telephoto view of the Arizona spillway during the construction of Hoover Dam. Shows the bridge and control house. Trucks, various buildings, and some construcion workers are visible. Cables are overhead and construction roads snake up the...
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Hoover Dam during construction, from the Nevada side Shows the dam from the Nevada side. The completed road, parapets, and intake towers are visible. One of the spillways can be seen in the background. There are trucks and people on the new road.
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Switchyard control house, yard and present substation -- Hoover Dam site Shows the switchyard control house, yard and substation. Workers, trucks, construction equipment and roads are visible.
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Downstream view of Hoover Dam construction Shows a downstream view of the Hoover Dam project from the crest of the dam. Power house and lower portals of diversion tunnels are seen. Buildings and structures, trucks and roads are visible also.
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Hoover Dam switchyard during construction Shows the Hoover Dam switchyard during construction and excavation. Buildings, roads, and building materials are visible. Trucks and a power shovel are also shown.
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Top of Hoover Dam during construction Shows the road approaching Hoover Dam from the Nevada side and the top of the dam during construction. Note the rubble wall being built and excavation for tower footings. Trucks, hoisting machinery, and cables with trams are visible....
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Hoover Dam during construction View looking upstream of the dam and power house. Cables with trams and temporary bridges span the canyon. Trucks, roads, buildings and construction equipment can be seen.
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Power house during construction -- Hoover Dam View of the power house from the top of Hoover Dam, looking down. The valve houses are visible on the sides of the canyon. Roads, trucks, buildings, and the concrete pouring forms can also be seen.
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Hoover Dam during construction Upstream view of Hoover Dam construction. Buildings, trucks, and roads are visible. Trams are crossing the canyon on a cableway suspended above the dam.
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Preliminary construction at Hoover Dam site "Down-stream from Observation Point -- note tunnel in center of picture. Trucks hauling muck from Nevada portals must go through this tunnel to dumping grounds one mile away. [150 feet to river straight down]"-- [hand-written inscription on back...
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Hoover Dam construction "Down stream from Observation Point. Buildings on the right side are water sedimentation plants. Water treated for Boulder City. Left side is Arizona side of River." [hand-written inscription on back of photo] This photo was taken high...
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Upper portals -- Hoover Dam site Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "View at upper portals showing narrowed channel just prior to diversion". Construction roads, equipment, and workers are visible. Some buildings and trucks are also in the picture.
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Hoover Dam construction equipment Shows a box of equipment being lowered into Black Canyon during the construction of Hoover Dam. Cables, roads, and a truck are visible.
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Early stages of construction of Hoover Dam Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "Hoover Dam -- Down the Colorado River. Dump trucks are on Arizona side and hauling muck to dumping grounds -- no muck can be dumped in the river." The road along...
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Construction of Hoover Dam Construction photo showing the Colorado River with temporary suspension bridges, roads along the side of the canyon, trucks, and buildings.
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Aerial view -- Hoover Dam construction Aerial view of Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, and the Colordo River during the construction of the dam. Two portals of the diversion tunnels are visible. There are trucks and buildings on the cofferdam. The face of the...
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Blasting on the Arizona side of the cableway bench excavation View from the lower portal of railroad tunnel no. 1 of rock blasting on the Arizona side of Black Canyon. Power poles and power lines are seen lining a dirt road leading to the blasting site. Other cables hang...
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Rock blasting in Black Canyon View from a dirt road of rock blasting in Black Canyon. Electric power poles and lines run along the road and other cables are suspended over the canyon. A truck is seen in the foreground.

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