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Power house on Nevada side of Hoover Dam View of a power house on the Nevada side taken during the construction of Hoover Dam. Shows power penstock tunnels, scaffolding, construction equipment and trucks.
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Construction of Hoover Dam Shows the construction of Hoover Dam from the downstream side. The power houses are nearly completed and one of the portals to the diversion tunnels is visible. There are trucks and buildings on the floor of the canyon....
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Construction on the Nevada power house View of construction on the Nevada power house. Framework and concrete pouring forms cover the site. Penstock tunnel openings are visible in the canyon wall in the background. Construction equipment, vehicles, temporary buildings and construction workers are seen on the...
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Downstream view of Hoover Dam construction Shows a downstream view of the Hoover Dam project from the crest of the dam. Power house and lower portals of diversion tunnels are seen. Buildings and structures, trucks and roads are visible also.
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View of Hoover Dam construction from the top of the dam Shows Hoover Dam construction from the top of the dam looking down. The power house, valve houses, and lower portals of the diversion tunnels are visible. Various buildings and trucks are also shown. The Colorado River is...

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