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Construction of Hoover Dam diversion tunnel and portal "View of upper portals tunnel #1. showing R.R. trestle and gate works." (inscription on back of photo) Concrete pouring forms are visible in the diversion tunnel.
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Construction of Hoover Dam "First load of muck used in coffer dam [sic]. Looking at Arizona portals #3 & #4. Water now flowing thru these." (hand-written inscription on back of photo) Shows a dump truck dumping the muck and construction...
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Construction -- Hoover Dam Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "Rex motor mixer that has been picked off a white truck and being swung into position at tunnel #1 with load of cement." Shows hoisting machinery, railroad tracks, a steam locomotive, a...
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Hoover Dam construction Shows one of the portals to the diversion tunnels. A portion of the Colorado River is visible as well as construction workers and construction buildings.

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