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Concrete pouring forms on the Hoover Dam construction site seen from downstream Aerial view of multiple concrete pouring forms on Hoover Dam, seen from downstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Cables, pulleys and catwalks are suspended over the river. Some construction equipment can been seen on the mountains.
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Blasting and construction on Hoover Dam Blasting in Black Canyon for construction. Construction equiqment can be seen along side the Colorado River.
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High scaling operations View of Black Canyon with construction equipment on the canyon floor and cables suspended over the canyon. High scalers can be seen on the rock face on the left side of the photo.
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Looking up Hoover Dam during construction of the diversion tunnels Looking upstream on the Colorado River flowing through Black Canyon at the Hoover Dam construction site. Bridges and catwalks are suspended over the river and the newly-dug mouths of the diversion tunnels are seen on both sides of the canyon....

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