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Intake towers and spillway -- Hoover Dam construction View of the intake towers and the spillway on the Arizona side of the dam during construction. Hoisting equipment, concrete forms, and high scaling equipment can be seen.
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Nevada intake towers under construction Shows the Nevada intake towers during construction. Taken from the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam site, hoisting equipment, a train trestle, a temporary stariway up the side of the canyon and concrete forms are visible. In the...
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Hoover Dam intake towers during construction Shows Hoover DAm and the Nevada intake towers during construction. Temporary stairways, train trestle, concrete forms, hoisting machinery and other construction equipment can be seen. "Monkey slide" spans the canyon and can be seen in the center...
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Nevada power house at Hoover Dam construction site View of construction of the Arizona power house at the dam site. Hoisting equipment, cables, trucks and construction workers can be seen. Various buildings and structures are pictured as well as roads and concrete pouring forms.
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Downsteam view of Hoover Dam, showing power house construction View of Hoover Dam and power house under construction. Buildings and structures, concrete pouring forms, cables, and a crane can be seen. Some construction workers and trucks are also pictured. Above the dam part of an intake...
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Construction on the Arizona intake towers View of construction on the Arizona intake towers. Steel framework protrudes from the tops of the towers. A derrick crane is seen above the towers, and the Arizona spillway is visible in the background. Part of the dam face, covered...
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Top of Hoover Dam, during construction View of Hoover Dam construction from the top of the dam looking toward the Arizona side. A spillway and intake towers are visible in the background. Concrete pouring forms are shown with construction people at work. Hoisting...
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View of bridge across Hoover Dam during construction View, looking toward Arizona intake tower control house, of construction workers placing concrete forms for pouring on the bridge. There are workers standing on top of the control house, too. A crane can be seen in...
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Upstream face and intake towers of Hoover Dam during construction View taken from the Arizona side showing the intake towers and upstream face of the dam during construction. Various buildings are visible as well as hoisting machinery and a railroad snaking along the upper canyon. Cables span the...
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Hoover Dam power house under construction Shows a power house at Hoover Dam being built. Note the Universal crane on top. The girder on the flat car has just been lowered by means of the government cableway. This photo was taken from the Nevada...
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Looking upstream at Hoover Dam during construction An expansive view of the upstream face of Hoover Dam during construction. Various buildings and structures, workers, cars and equipment can be seen. Hoisting machinery and concrete pouring forms can be seen also.
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No. 5 intake tower finished to elevation 1232, showing curtain wall Shows construction on two of the intake towers. A construction worker is standing on the intake tower nearest the camera. Consturction with concrete pouring forms on the top of the dam is also visible as is construction equipment such...
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Cement work -- Hoover Dam Shows a construction worker standing in concrete at the Hoover Dam construction site. Concrete forms can be seen as well as the huge bucket used to pour concrete into the forms. The bucket was lowered by hoisting machinery,...
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Looking downstream into the Nevada spillway. Shows construction on the spillway on the Nevada side. Shows derrick cranes, cables overhead, part of the dam, and the intake towers under construction.
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Third millionth cubic yard of concrete being lowered to Boulder Dam A concrete pouring bucket lowers the third millionth yard of concrete used in the construction of Hoover Dam. Cableways, the intake towers under construction, mountains, and construction workers are also visible.
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Hoover Dam construction View of the upstream face of Hoover Dam during construction. A huge penstock pipe is being transported by a hoist. The power houses are visible as are the tops of the intake towers.
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Arizona valve house from the center of the low cat walk Concrete pouring forms being put in place for the construction of the Arizona valve house. A construction worker, a hook hanging from a crane, ropes for high scaling, and a ladder attached to the side of the cliff are visible.

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