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Construction of Hoover Dam Shows early stages of the construction of the intake towers for Hoover Dam. Cranes and various types of construction equipment are visible.
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Hoover Dam construction Shows a box car being lowered by hoist at Hoover Dam during construction. The power houses and intake towers are visible as well as the upstream face of the dam. A cableway stretches across the canyon, supporting the...
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Blasting -- Hoover Dam site View of blasting at Black Canyon during construction of Hoover Dam. Part of the Colorado River is visible as are construction buildings and equipment on the side of the canyon.
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Construction in diversion tunnel -- Hoover Dam View of the drilling jumbo working in one of the diversion tunnels during the construction of Hoover Dam.
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Construction workers inside Hoover Dam diversion tunnel Shows a power shovel dumping concrete into a dump truck inside a diversion tunnel during the construction of Hoover Dam. Construction workers are visible at work.
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Construction workers in diversion tunnel, Hoover Dam site Shows construction workers posing on the drilling jumbo inside a diversion tunnel during the construction of Hoover Dam. Other men are standing on the floor of the tunnel looking up at the jumbo. Electric lights illuminate the tunnel.

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