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Hoover Dam construction, looking upstream View of the construction of Hoover Dam, looking upstream. Shows concrete forms, various construction buildings, and high scaling equipment. Taken from high above, the Colorado River can be seen above the dam site.
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Portion of the gravel pits on the Arizona side of the Colorado River A man is seen standing in the Hoover Dam construction site gravel pits on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The hills in the background are across the river in Nevada, five miles away.
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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada Booklet extols the benefits of moving to Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada to farm and to live in the early decades of the 20th century. Contains black & white photos of farms, orchards, wells, Mt. Charleston, Fremont Street and...
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Some desert watering places in southeastern California and southwestern Nevada
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Construction on Hoover Dam, looking downstream on the Colorado River Aerial view of the Hoover Dam construction site. Construction workers are seen amid concrete pouring forms and other construction equipment. Temporary stairs are attached to the wall of Black Canyon, and a railroad bench used for transportation of concrete buckets...
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Bridge across Boulder Canyon at Hoover Dam site. A bridge stretches from one side of Black (not Boulder) Canyon to the other side, with the Colorado River flowing beneath. The background shows scaffolding against the mountainside. A building sits against the mountain at the far end of the...
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View of railroad tracks being laid at Hoover Dam site. A view of railroad tracks on the side of the mountain leading into a tunnel in the background. Both walls of the canyon are visable and the Colorado River is flowing through the bottom of the canyon. In the foreground...
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Arizona intake towers, from the Nevada side View of the Arizona intake towers during construction. They are on the side of the canyon and the Colorado River is visible below. Above and behind the towers a cableway is suspended and other equipment can also be...
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Diversion tunnel no. 1 trashrack and counterweight assembly just prior to the diverting of the... Construction workers are seen climbing on the outside of the no. 1 trash rack at diversion tunnel no. 1. Other workers view the scene from a railroad trestle that runs over the diversion tunnel portal, and from the upper cofferdam...
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Black Canyon A view of the Colorado River flowing through Black (not Boulder) Canyon.
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Construction crew at bottom of Boulder Canyon Construction crew busy making forms at the bottom of Black (not Boulder) Canyon. There are tracks leading into the water that is in the canyon and there is a couple of carts sitting on the tracks. Several of the...
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Hoover Dam -- at night Color transparency of the upstream face of the dam and power house at night. The dam is illuminated by electric lighting. The lights are relected in the waters of the Colorado River below the dam.
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Hoover Dam at night Color transparency showing a panoramic view of Hoover Dam at night, looking upstream. The dam is lit up and the face of the dam and the power house are clearly visible. The lights are reflected in the waters...
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Boulder pack train, tourist concession on the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent with signs "pack train", "post cards", and "curios" on the canvas sitting on a platform. There is another smaller tent to the left of the main tent, three benches in front of the main tent, an American flag on...
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Ragtown (also known as Williamsville) on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent camp where construction workers for Hoover Dam lived before barracks were constructed for them. Cars are parked throughout the encampment, and a man is walking along an unpaved road in the foreground. There is a mountain in the background....
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Ragtown, on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent city where the Hoover Dam construction workers lived until barracks were built for them. There are cars parked all through the encampment, and there are rugged mountains in the background. The view is looking south.
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Hesse's camp on the Colorado River Several weathered-looking wooden buildings sit in the desert. There are mountains in the background. There are trees including one large one near the buildings.
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Hoover Dam -- retouched photo A postcard (retouched image) of upstream face of Hoover Dam. The power houses and intake towers are visible as well as the Colorado River and Lake Mead (reservoir).

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