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View showing method of finishing slabs in invert lining. Construction workers are operating machinery to finish slabs in the invert lining of a diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site.
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Trucks hauling concrete in the diversion tunnel This photo shows trucks and equipment used for hauling and pouring concrete to form the invert lining in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. Also shows some construction workers.
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Section of a concrete-pouring jumbo standing outside of a diversion tunnel A completed section of a form, or "jumbo," for pouring of concrete to create the diversion tunnel arches stands upon trestles in Black Canyon. Construction workers are seen working on the form.
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Interior of penstock tunnel -- Hoover Dam construction site Interior view of number 4 raise and plug showing construction. Construction workers can be seen at the far end of the tunnel.
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Close-up of formwork in the Arizona power house Construction workers are seen working amid the wood and steel framework during construction of the Arizona power house. Unfinished penstock tunnel portals can be seen in the canyon wall in the background.
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Diversion of the Colorado River into diversion tunnel no. 1 as the gate on diversion... View of the diversion of the Colorado River into diversion tunnel no. 1 as the gate on diversion tunnel no. 4 is being lowered (on the left). A line of construction workers can be seen standing on the bank of...

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