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Downstream face of Hoover Dam View of the downstream face of Hoover Dam, the reservoir (Lake Mead), and the surrounding area. The intake towers are visible as are some of the transmission towers. Cars are parked on the road across the top of...
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Aerial view of Hoover Dam Aerial view of Hoover Dam showing downstream face, intake towers, and spillways. Water is being released from the outlet works below the dam and one of the power houses is visible. Many cars are parked on the roads...
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Construction bridges across the Colorado River This is a view of a truck loaded with equipment driving across a bridge spanning the Colorado River at Hoover Dam site. Construction workers and equipment are shown on the bank of the river. At the right is...
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Six Companies' power shovel dumping dirt in dump truck in diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam... Construction workers are operating a power shovel, dumping dirt into a dump truck in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. This is in the early phase of dam construction.
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Hoover Dam, looking upstream View from high above the canyon of the early stages of building the wooden forms for pouring the concrete in the construction of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. Vehicles and other equipment can be seen as well as hoisting...
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Semi-tropical Nevada : a region of fertile soils and flowing wells Pamphlet discussing artesian wells and agriculture in Las vegas in the esrly 20th century. Includes illustrations.
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Water from the Colorado River Discusses the Boulder Canyon Dam Project (Hoover Dam) and the plan to bring water from the Colorado River to the fifteen cities of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by means of the Metropolitan Aqueduct. Includes illustrations and maps.
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Boulder Canyon dam : the essence of the Swing-Johnson Bill ; Boulder Dam : from... Discussion of the proposals in Congress to create Boulder (Hoover) Dam. Includes maps and illustrations.
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Hoover Dam from Lookout Point on the Nevada side with cars in foreground View of construction on Hoover Dam from a lookout point on the Nevada side. The dam wall is nearly completed and construction on the intake towers is seen in the background. In the foreground, people stand at the...
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Power house on Nevada side of Hoover Dam View of a power house on the Nevada side taken during the construction of Hoover Dam. Shows power penstock tunnels, scaffolding, construction equipment and trucks.
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Train loaded with gravel leaving the gravel pits Locomotive pulling several dump cars loaded with gravel, leaving the gravel pits. The desert and mountains are seen in the background.
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Construction near the upper portals of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2 High scalers work on the cliff face above the unfinished portals of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2. Construction equipment, trucks and workers are seen on the road in front of the tunnels. Rigging and ropes hang from...
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First-aid station and ambulance A medic or doctor is seen standing by an automobile that has been converted into an ambulance. The vehicle is parked directly outside a small building with the sign "First Aid Hospital" on it. Another building on scaffolding in...
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Screened aggregate and sand in front of the gravel plant View of the gravel plant, with cars and trucks parked in the foreground. Piles of screened aggregate and sand are seen in the foreground, and a storage pile for raw aggregate is seen in the background. The mountains...
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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada Booklet extols the benefits of moving to Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada to farm and to live in the early decades of the 20th century. Contains black & white photos of farms, orchards, wells, Mt. Charleston, Fremont Street and...
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Construction workers with electric light reflectors standing by a truck in Black Canyon Several construction workers in Black Canyon prepare reflectors for electric lighting from metal dishpans. Some of the workers stand in a truck bed and others stand beside the truck.
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Future Hoover Dam reservoir area seen from Black Canyon View from Black Canyon of the area which, when submerged, will become the Hoover Dam reservoir. In the foreground, a car is seen traveling a dirt road, and a lone construction worker views the scene from atop the rocks....
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Blasting on the Arizona side of the cableway bench excavation View from the lower portal of railroad tunnel no. 1 of rock blasting on the Arizona side of Black Canyon. Power poles and power lines are seen lining a dirt road leading to the blasting site. Other cables hang...
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Rock blasting in Black Canyon View from a dirt road of rock blasting in Black Canyon. Electric power poles and lines run along the road and other cables are suspended over the canyon. A truck is seen in the foreground.
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Railroad freight cars carrying gravel across a trestle bridge on the Colorado River A locomotive pulls freight cars loaded with gravel across a trestle bridge on the Colorado River toward the screening plant. A round trip took slightly over two hours.
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Colorado River basin : hearings before the Committee on irrigation and reclamation, House of representatives,...
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Locomotives at the gravel plant yard Four standing locomotives are seen on the railway tracks in the gravel plant yard. A freight car can be seen behind one of the locomotives.
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Trains on Elevation 720 Railroad Bench, hauling conrete to Hoover Dam. Freight cars carrying buckets of concrete are seen on a temporary railway built onto the canyon wall at the Hoover Dam construction site. Concrete setting in pouring forms in the dam site and construction workers are seen below.
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Black Canyon A view of the Colorado River flowing through Black (not Boulder) Canyon. On the right side of the canyon there is a road with two automobiles, some construction equipment, and a construction worker.
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Close-up of Hoover Dam construction A close-up view of Hoover Dam construction. There is a railroad running along the canyon, concrete forms, a truck, and a building. Temporary stairways have been built into the canyon walls.
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Close-up of two-way trailer Two men stand beside an empty two-hundred ton two-way trailer next to a railroad track. An automobile is parked in front of an industrial building seen in the background, and other buildings are seen by the railroad track.
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View of two hundred ton two-way trailer, with test load Several men inspect a two hundred ton two-way trailer loaded with construction materials. The trailer stands next to a railroad track, and in front an industrial building. Mountains can be seen in the background.
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Train at Himix Concrete Plant -- Hoover Dam site View of a train carrying cars loaded with sand. The train trestle is visible as well as the bins at Himix Concrete Plant where rock and sand are dumped.
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Constructing highway to dam site A view of construction workers operating tractors as they construct a highway across the desert floor during the summer of 1931.
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Construction at Hoover Dam This photograph shows construction workers using a hose attached to a tank filled with water to water down the dirt at the Dam site. The water tank is attached to a truck bed. Three workers are operating the water hose....
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Workers on the Colorado River A view of construction workers towing a generator behind the boat that they are using to cross the Colorado River.
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View of railroad tracks being laid at Hoover Dam site. A view of railroad tracks on the side of the mountain leading into a tunnel in the background. Both walls of the canyon are visable and the Colorado River is flowing through the bottom of the canyon. In the foreground...
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Arizona Black Canyon highway consruction Shows consruction equipment used to build the highway through Black Canyon on the Arizona side of the dam. Railroad tracks can be seen alongside the new road with a dragline on the tracks. There are mountains in the...
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Construction of the Arizona power house Shows the reinforcing framework for the Arizona power house and the locations for the turbine rooms, front room galleries, and penstocks. Some buildings, trucks, tunnel openings, and construction workers are visible.
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Looking upstream toward Lake Mead View of Lake Mead. A bus is parked in a turn-out along the lake road.
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Ferry landing on the Colorado River This shows a ferry landing on the Colorado River near Black Canyon. The far side shore is Kingman Wash, Arizona. There is an assortment of automobiles and people standing around waiting for the ferry to cross over from the other...
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Highway near Boulder City View of a paved highway through the mountains near Boulder City. There is a railroad track running parallel to the highway on the left side of the photo. On the right side there is a dirt road leading off across...
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Highway near Boulder City This photograph shows a highway curving through the desert. There is a dirt road that appears to the left and there is a telephone/telegraph pole on the right. Rocky hills can be seen in the background.
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Boulder pack train, tourist concession on the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent with signs "pack train", "post cards", and "curios" on the canvas sitting on a platform. There is another smaller tent to the left of the main tent, three benches in front of the main tent, an American flag on...
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Ragtown (also known as Williamsville) on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent camp where construction workers for Hoover Dam lived before barracks were constructed for them. Cars are parked throughout the encampment, and a man is walking along an unpaved road in the foreground. There is a mountain in the background....
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Ragtown, on the shore of the Colorado River near Black Canyon Tent city where the Hoover Dam construction workers lived until barracks were built for them. There are cars parked all through the encampment, and there are rugged mountains in the background. The view is looking south.
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Tourists and film crew in Black Canyon A wooden boat with a roof is sitting in the Colorado River tied to a boulder. There is also a wooden gangplank extending from the shore to the boat. The name of the boat is "Boulder". Two other...
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Tourists arriving in Boulder City. Groups of tourists are standing and walking near two buses that they arrived on. The buses are parked at the Boulder City train station, and there is a train in the background. The train depot and another building are on...
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Hoover Dam -- valve outlets in operation on the Arizona side Water pours from the outlet works of the valve house on the Arizona side. Also shows some construction workers standing by a wall near the Nevada power house and looking at the water. There is also a truck in...
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Machine shop and warehouse group of buildings Shows machine shop and warehouses, surrounded by material storage yards. There is also a train in the picture.
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Hoover Dam -- upstream side Upstream side of dam showing intake towers that are almost finished. Reservoir (Lake Mead) has begun to fill, and a man is rowing a boat on the lake. There are derrick cranes visible on both sides of the canyon.
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Hoover Dam -- upstream side Upstream side of Hoover Dam showing the intake towers, which are almost finished. The reservoir (Lake Mead) has begun to fill, and a man is rowing a boat on the lake. There is a wooden walkway laid over piers or...
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Hoover Dam -- upstream side Shows upstream face of dam with almost-completed intake towers. The reservoir (Lake Mead) has started to fill, and a man is rowing a boat on the lake. The mouth of a diversion tunnel on the left side of the picture...
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Hoover Dam outlet works View of the dam, looking upstream. Water is shooting from the outlet works in the valve house on he Arizona side. The Nevada valve house and part of the Arizona and the cetnral power houses are visible. ...
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Part of the crowd at the Boulder Junction ceremonies Part of the crowd of over 10,000 people who gathered at Boulder Junction, which is seven miles southest of Las Vegas, on Sept. 17, 1930, to watch Dr. Lyman Wilbur of the Bureau of Reclamation drive a silver spike at...

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