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Looking upstream at Hoover Dam during construction An expansive view of the upstream face of Hoover Dam during construction. Various buildings and structures, workers, cars and equipment can be seen. Hoisting machinery and concrete pouring forms can be seen also.
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View from the top of Hoover Dam during construction View looking down from the top of Hoover Dam during construction. It shows the power houes, the valve houses and the lower cofferdam. Cars and trucks, buildings and structures, roads, and various equipment can be seen. A cable...
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Nevada intake towers, from the Arizona side. Shows the Nevada intake towers at Hoover Dam under construction. Hoisting equipment and cables are visible. At the left of the photo is the face of Hoover Dam. Some buildings and structures are visible at the base...
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View taken from the side -- Hoover Dam construction Looking across Hoover Dam from the Arizona side, showing elevator and utility towers under construction. Buildings and structures are visible on the side of the canyon.
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Looking downstream at Hoover Dam under construction View of Hoover Dam during construction. The view was taken from high above, looking downstream, and shows the intake towers, roads, buildings and structures, a cable across the dam, and the reservoir (later known as Lake Mead).
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View of spillway during construction of Hoover Dam Taken from high up, this photo shows the Arizona spillway, highway bridge, and Arizona highway. Mountains and roads can be seen in the background. Buildings, cables, and various types of construction equipment are shown.
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Valve house during Hoover Dam construction Shows the Nevada valve house during construction. It is built into the side of the canyon wall. Below it is the refrigeration plant. Cables, a truck, buildings, and scaffolding can be seen.
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View of power house from above -- Hoover Dam site Shows the power house and valve houses in a photo taken from the top of Hoover Dam. Buildings and concrete pouring forms are visible.
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Aerial view of the Hoover Dam area Aerial view of Hoover Dam taken from the Arizona side. The Arizona spillway, intake towers, and reservoir (Lake Mead) are visible. Shows two buildings at the upper left of the photo. Mountains and road in the area...
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Portals, Hoover Dam construction "Shows men placing dynamite to flood entrance blocks away from #3 and #4 Arizona side."(inscription on back of photo) The portals to the diversion tunnels are visible. The Colorado River is shown below the portals and buildings and trucks...
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Construction -- near Hoover Dam Shows construction buildings, roads, and trucks in the mountains near the Hoover Dam site.
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Upper portals -- Hoover Dam site Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "View at upper portals showing narrowed channel just prior to diversion". Construction roads, equipment, and workers are visible. Some buildings and trucks are also in the picture.

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